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October 21 & 22 – No School - Conference Release Days

October 26th – Trimester 1 Mid-Tri Progress Reports sent home

October 26th - 3:00 – 7:15PM Parent Teacher Conferences – Classroom


October 28th - 3:15 - 7:30pm Parent/Teacher Conferences – Virtual by appointment

November 19th – 5:00-7:00pm Bulldog BINGO Family Night

November 25 & 26 – NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Holiday

More Information About Conferences:

Trimester 1 Parent/Teacher Conferences are fast approaching. Conferences will be held:

Tuesday, October 26th from 3:00 – 7:15pm in teacher classrooms – no appointment necessary. During in person conferences, masks are required.

Thursday, October 28th from 3:15 – 7:15pm – this evening’s conferences will be virtual, and appointments will be necessary. Please watch for important information on how you can schedule appointments with your student’s teachers.


Happy Fall Brooklyn Middle STEAM School Families!

This year has started off with so much excitement and energy. It seems like such a long time since our building has been buzzing with busy middle schoolers laughter and learning. With over 1000 students moving through the building at one time in a 4-minute passing time, one can only imagine the energy! Our students have begun to get into the swing of doing school, we have had a few hiccups along the way, but overall, it has been a smooth transition back.

We have started after school programming for students that offers many activities such as Anime, Code Academy, Engineering & Problem Solving, Comic Publishing, 3D Printing and so much more. After school activities run from 2:50-4:20pm with late buses available to transport students home safely. Please note that your student’s late bus stop location is not directly at a student’s home, but in close walking distance of their home or neighborhood. We do provide busing information to all students who are participating in the middle level programs and assist them in locating the correct bus.

Ms. Shannon Comisar, our STEAM CIS/TIS, will be starting up our Brown Bag Luncheon series with students. Brown Bag Luncheons provide the opportunity for our students to talk and experience hands on work alongside a professional in the careers of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math.

I look forward to an exciting school year with all of our students.

Kim Monette, Principal


Electronic Device Expectations:

In an effort to address concerns surrounding use of student’s personal technology, including their cell phones, we are reminding all of our students and parents about our cell phone policy while students are in school. Unfortunately, we have been dealing with issues regarding social media, bullying and inappropriate use of student’s personal technology. There is no need for cell phones in school. Parents should call the main office to leave messages for their student if necessary. While students are in school, their number one priority is to be engaged in their learning. We respect the choice that families make to send these items to school with their children, but we ask that you discuss the proper usage, time of usage, and monitor their activity and sites they are accessing on a regular basis. At BMS, cell phones are expected to be off and put away from 8:10-2:40 each day. The only exception to BMS’s cell phone practices is that students can use their cell phones only in the Bulldog Café during their lunch time. To see the complete Electronic Device & Cell Phone Policy please refer to page 9 in your Parent/Student Handbook Calendar. Please continue to monitor what your student is posting or exposed to while using their personal devices. We appreciate any assistance that you can provide, it is so very important that we are partners in this effort, we cannot do this alone!

Cell Phones And Other Electronic Devices Policy:

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that respects the rights of others. Use of a personal electronic device in a manner that interfered with a positive, orderly, educational environment or does not respect the rights of others is prohibited. In our learning environment it is important that students stay focused on their learning; therefore, all personal electronic devices need to be turned off and put away when school starts at 8:10 a.m. until 2:40 p.m. Students may use their cell phones during lunch on a trial basis pending behavior. Any cell phone or electronic item used or heard by staff members outside of lunch will be confiscated, bagged, tagged, and sent to the administrative office.

First offense: The item will be held until the end of the school day. Stu-dents may pick up their electronic device from the office at 2:40 p.m. Students need to sign for the return of the device.

Second offense: The item will be unavailable (kept in the office, kept at home (per parent request), or check-in/check-out) to the student during the school day for 3 days including the day it was taken. Confiscated item will be returned to student.

Third offense: The item will be unavailable (kept in the office, kept at home (per parent request), or check-in/check-out) to the student during the school day for 5 days and additional consequences may be assigned. Parents will be contacted by administration and the item may need to pick up the confiscated item from the administrative office.

A parent/guardian/other adult may pick up the confiscated item with a required meeting and an expectation that the device stays at home or with an agreed arrangement with administration. Students will have access to school phones to contact parents/guardians during the school day in case of an emergency.

Student personal electronic devices are subject to search upon reasonable suspicion that the device has been used in a manner that violates the law or District Policy 505.

Engaging BMS Families in Digital Citizenship:

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. We invite you as our BMS community to use this hashtag #bmsgoodthings to share the good things you and your family are doing in the community.

During advisory, students made a kindness chain to celebrate National Bullying Prevention month and what students can do to promote kindness through our school. These amazing orange unity chains are hanging up in the Bulldog Café.

Check out these 6 Family Tips: Help Kids Fight Cyberbullying and Other Mean Online Behavior

Also, below are some conversation starters to talk with your child at home about digital drama.

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We have so much to celebrate and take pride in our amazing accomplishments here at BMS! Take a look at all the STEAM integrated activities and projects going on around our school!

FACS 7th Grade

Gateway to Technology 8th Grade

STEAM Team Building Challenges

BMS students work in teams and collaborate using the Engineering Design Process to complete a STEAM designed challenge.


Brooklyn Middle School is excited to continue implementing Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) into our school this year!. We’ve started the year with three elective classes--two in 7th grade and one in 8th grade. AVID is a college preparatory program that helps students learn the necessary skills to be successful in high school and in college. The AVID curriculum focuses on WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading).

This past summer we had 10 more faculty members attend the AVID Minneapolis Summer Institute to learn how to implement AVID into our school. They came back ready to implement strategies that help ALL students be successful learners! Some strategies include quick writes, philosophical chairs, socratic seminar and focused note taking!

Every Friday, staff and students are invited to wear either a college t-shirt/sweatshirt or an AVID t-shirt to promote college and career readiness! The students LOVE asking their teachers about their sweatshirt and hearing about the college they attended. And there are prizes!

If you have any college items just laying around, we’d love to have them! We’d gladly accept t-shirts, sweatshirts, pennants, signs, etc. Please drop off any items in the main office with a note to give to Stacy Olstadt, AVID Coordinator. Thank you so much for your continued support of our program!

Families can learn more about AVID on the www.avid.org website or reach out to Stacy Olstadt at olstadts@district279.org or 763.569.7700


Special Education Classroom News:

This week during my reading classes, we are making Paper Chain Links out of recycled paper (brown grocery bags). This is part of a Worldwide Peace Movement (Kids for Peace). We read the article and the focus was on Respect/Kindness (Literacy and SEL). We also tied this in to the BMS Bulldog Way. The Skills students will be mailing their Paperchain links with messages of peace, love and kindness, to California to be a part of the Worldwide Paper Chain. The links will be put together on November 13th.

Ms. Perkins

Phy Ed Classroom News:

We are excited to start Swimming in November. Students should remember to bring their swimsuits, a towel, and a plastic bag (for wet suit and towel) with them when their Phy Ed class begins their swimming unit. Phy Ed teachers will send out notifications to families when each class plans to begin the swim unit.


BMS Administrative Team

BMS School Counselors

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School counselors support student learning through three areas of development: academically , social/emotionally, and career focus.

  • Academic development focuses on study skills, using resources, academic strengths, and future educational planning.
  • Social/emotional development focuses on socialization, self-esteem, relationships, chemical health and citizenship.
  • Career development focuses on career awareness, interests and skills, using resources, and connecting academic classes with future career decisions.

Services are provided through classroom lessons, individual and group counseling, and other methods. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's school counselor with any questions or concerns.

Counseling Team Picture- Left to Right:

Judy Anderson- 8th Grade Counselor

Annessia Xiong- 6th Grade Counselor

Liz Johnson- 7th Grade Counselor


Calling All Bulldog Families- BMS P.A.C.T. Needs You!!

Every BMS Family is a member of the BMS PACT... It's PTO reimagined for middle school!

Meetings are held virtually the first Tuesday of every month from 6-7:30 pm. Our goals are to raise money in addition to planning and executing activities/events that support the needs of our students and Bulldog community. We have a goal of $25,000 to provide additional STEAM equipment, classroom enrichment opportunities, and additional student activities.

Please click on this flyer for more information on upcoming meeting dates and volunteer opportunities.

We can be reached via email at bmspact@gmail.com

Help Support Brooklyn Middle PACT on Nov. 7th
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PC Athletic Opportunities:

7th and 8th grade students can join our Park Center Pirates in activities such as Robotics as well as athletic opportunities. Park Center Athletics and Activities hold informational meetings prior to each season, at Park Center for recruitment for each sport or activity. Students are informed of these activities through our daily announcements or can access information through the Park Center High School website under athletics and activities. As our middle schoolers become more independent and thrive for new experiences, it is important that they experience many of these opportunities and become involved. Please encourage your student to get involved in the extracurricular and co-curricular after school activities programs. They just might ignite a passion they never knew they had. They won’t regret it!!

Black Men With Stethoscopes

  • Black Men With Stethoscopes is a part of Hennepin Healthcare Talent Garden is a series of initiatives to introduce youth and young adults who have been historically excluded from many healthcare jobs to this field.
  • This program seeks to increase exposure and interest in healthcare careers by inspiring and mentoring young black boys to grow up to be young black healthcare physicians and advanced practice providers.
  • Youth summit will be take place on December 4th on the Hennepin Healthcare campus which will feature guest speakers, small group hands on activities
  • Deadline for students to sign-up is Oct. 29th. Please see Mrs. Comisar comisars@district279.org for more information.
  • Click here for more information!


School Office: 763-569-7700...............................BMS Website: https://bms.district279.org/#

Attendance: 763-569-7616………………………………..Transportation: 763-391-7244

6th Grade

Annessia Xiong, Counselor 6th Grade ...Email: XiongAnnessia@district279.org

Donnay Green, SMS 6th Grade.......Email: GreenD@district279.org

7th Grade

Liz Johnson, Counselor 7th Grade M-K......Email: JohnsonElizabeth@district279.org

Larry Bilbro, SMS 7th Grade......Email: BilbroL@district279.org

8th Grade

Judy Anderson, Counselor 8th Grade .......Email: AndersonJ@district279.org

Rachel Kalk, SMS 8th Grade……..Email: KalkR@district279.org

District Tip Line.........763-391-8660

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