Sojourner Truth

A great leader of her people


Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we still had slavery? Well, you can thank Sojourner Truth for not having to experience that! She changed the world by helping rid us of slavery and was not thanked near enough times.

Early life

Sojourner Truth was born in 1797 as Isabella Baumfree into a family of 12 other children in Swartekill, New York speaking Dutch. Colonel Hardenbergh was their owner at that time, but when he died, she was sold three more times, separated from her family. She finally came to work for John Dumont, and there she learned to speak English.

Adult Life

In about 1815, Truth fell in love with a slave named Robert from a nearby farm. They had a daughter named Diana, but Robert’s owner pulled them apart, because if they had more children, Truth’s owner would own them. In 1817, John Dumont urged Truth to marry Thomas, an older slave on his farm. Together they had a son and two daughters, Peter, Elizabeth, and Sophia.

Major accomplishments

In 1826, she ran away with her about 3 year old daughter, Sophia, and took shelter with the Wagners, who took her and her baby in. Truth found out that her son, Peter had been sold illegally by John Dumont, and became the first black lady to go into court against a white man and win. She brought her son back with her. Truth officially changed her name to Sojourner Truth in 1843, and left her family and friends to become a traveling preacher on slavery and women’s rights. At this time, she made made many speeches about these topics. Her speakings inspired many people to make a stand against slavery. During the Civil war, Truth helped to gather black troops for the Union army. Even after they had won, Sojourner kept working against segregation. She tried securing land grants for blacks, but after many years of trying at this, Congress’ mind couldn’t be changed.


Sojourner Truth died on November 26, 1883. She will always be remembered as a leader, one of the greatest. People will always think of her when they think of important people in black history.


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