VanderWall/Wedick's ELA Class

Week of 8/29-9/2

Last Week in Greyhound ELA:

We continued our How to Survive the Real World Unit by starting a running check register for how much "money" they have spent over the month and learning about types of health insurance and mortgages vs. renting.

Our part of speech of the week was the preposition, a commonly confused type of word. We practiced identifying and writing prepositional phrases. We finished out this review by drawing treasure maps and writing out directions to the X marking the spot by using prepositions.

Accelerated Reader

Some of you may have heard of AR points. Accelerated Reader points are a requirement for every student at Chapel Hill. The goal is to earn twenty points a quarter for a total of eighty the entire year. Students earn AR points by reading books and taking short quizzes over the books. Quizzes are available for all genres, types, and reading levels of books.

We are about halfway through Quarter One, and only a handful of students have taken and passed AR tests. We have visited the library three times at this point, and all students in our classes have access to our classroom library as well as Overdrive (a source for digital books accessed through the CHC library website). Students have no excuse to not be reading.

It is homework that all students read their AR books for ten to fifteen minutes every night.

Upcoming Important Dates

Tuesday, August 30th - Writing Notebook Entry #4 is due

Thursday and Friday, September 1-2 - Mobile Dentist visiting CHC

Friday, September 2nd - Fun IMPACT $1, Stem List 11 Quiz (1-15)

Monday, September 5th - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, September 29th - Giant Bucks Store

Friday, September 30th - AR Points are due (every student should have 20)