Jullian Bocanegra

Why did the U.S. not want to annex Texas?

The United States did not want to annex Texas because Texas allowed slavery. Northern's were opposed to allowing other slave state into the Union. In 1845, the U.S, annexed the Republic of Texas and admitted it to the Union as 28th state.

Cause of Texas Annexation

When the U.S. annexed Texas it caused a rif between U.S. and Mexican governments. Not very long after annexation, president James Polk moved troops into the disputed area and tried to negotiate purchasing that territory. Negotiations failed.

James Knox Polk's Election

On November 5th, 1844, James Knox Polk was elected of the United States. Polk surprised everyone when he campaigned vigorously and won the presidency. He was called a "dark horse" candidate because he was not expected to beat his opponent, Henry Clay to become the president of the United States.