Ethnic Wars in Africa

Burundi and Zimbabwe

Ethnic Division: Past and Present

Africa has always been a sight of deadly wars amongst tribes and ethnic groups. Ethnic tensions are complicating factors that constantly divide the beautiful cultures the continent holds as home. In Burundi, two ethnic groups inhabit the central-eastern country. The Tutsis are the minority, about fifteen percent of the population. The majority, the Hutus, claim about 85 percent of the country's citizens. Despite the majority, the Tutsis have long held the power in the nation, including the government and the military. Wars have ensued from this unbalanced, unstabilized country.         Down in the South, Zimbabwe fought a revolution, a war for independence. Tyrannical rule plagued the nation for nearly 90 years. The war was marked by economic failure and nationalist uprisings.

Ethnic Wars: Devastating Effects

Burundi's civil war between the Tutsis and Hutus has proved deadly and full of sorrow. Every day, more and more people are dying for their individual causes. The warmongering has taken the lives over 200,000 people, soldier and civilian alike. In Zimbabwe over 30,000 lives have been taken in the anti-government violence lasting half a century. It is estimated in Burundi that nine percent of the population has been removed from their homes during the civil war - that is 550,000 people!  


Zimbabwe made big attempts to make themselves democratic, by holding elections. After electing it's first black president Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe had a future. However, severel of the citizens dislike his rule, believing that he was starving out his own people and killing them with his "war machine." Burundi also held elections, but they have proved ineffective because large amounts of ehnic violence still exist.

Help Out!

Do your part in aiding victims of the war-torn countries in Africa. Donate to charity and missions to help these people smile again. Numerous programs donate anything from food to mosquito nets - all in which you can participate. Anything helps!