6th Grade Newsletter


Core Studies


This week, students have been busy writing Rebuttal Cards. I have been super impressed by the dedication of groups to master this difficult task. It is definitely higher thinking that requires them to anticipate what other sides will argue. For a hypothetical situation, students are doing really well.

Study Saturday, as of right now, is still on for Saturday, February 16th at 10 am at Barry School. If that changes due to weather, I will be sending out a mass email. Please check your email Saturday morning just in case.

Rebuttal Cards are due February 19th at the beginning of class next week! Next week, students will be practicing their actual debate and mastering the process before they go up against another 6th-grade group the following week.


This week we have been working on the moon phases. We have taken notes, watched videos, completed stations, and shaded circles. Please ask your child what the moon phases are and have them identify the nightly moon phases.

On another note, Trolley Run Training begins March 4th (please see attachment). We will meet three days per week and run together in preparation for the race downtown April 28th. Please encourage your child to participate - it is a great experience and we have a lot of fun. Contact me if you have any questions.


We are continuing to work on independent and dependent variables, identifying the patterns they create and multiple representations.

Due to the snow days, the final Topic 4 Assessment will be moved to 2/20 (Wednesday). This will allow for all of us to catch up on the days we have missed and have a review on Tuesday 02/19.

Social Studies

This week we finished up the Middle Ages with our study of the Black Death Plague. We moved into the Renaissance time period and viewed the art work of Da Vinci, Donatello, Michaelanglo, and Raphael. The students learned about the Roman Catholic Church and the Reformation . Students have a project they began called, "Renaissance Dinner Party" that is for an assessment grade and is due next Thursday. The assignment details can be found on Google Classroom.






We have been doing Archery and Weight Room this week and it has been great to see the students improve as they go. We will move onto Pickleball after the long weekend...one of Coach Baker's favorites!

Coach Baker

Applied Technology

Students are making final revisions to their digital media tutorial videos. The class is working together in groups while utilizing WeVideo to add video track, audio track, and graphics/text slides. The final videos will be exported to our Google Classroom page to be viewed by their peers/future students and serving as an additional resource to help share their knowledge of skill to others.

World Language

This week students reviewed numbers 1-10 and learned color words in French. The students created a color words song of their own. Ask them to sing it to you.We also learned French Greetings. The students wrote a French conversation and presented it to the class.


If your student is in 5th-hour Flex or 7th-hour Flex, they have chosen what they prefer to have for FPC this semester.

Some students have been placed in a permanent study hall due to their low grades 1st semester. There has also been an additional FPC added called a Teacher's Assistant. They will be helping Early Childhood and the 5th Grade Specials in the building.

Please read your student's email to keep up to date with their FPC progress and their weekly schedules. If you did not receive an email from your student, please make sure they know your email so they can email you with important information.

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  1. Feb 15th - Inservice - No School
  2. Feb 18th - No School
  3. Feb 27th - PLC
  4. Feb 27th - Parent Teacher Conference (you will be contacted by the school if the team feels a meeting is needed)
  5. March 4th - Trolley Run Training Starts - see attachment