By Samantha Williams

What is a flood?

A flood happens when water covers land that is usually dry. Heavy rain makes river waters over flow it's banks. Storms can make huge sea waves that flood the coast.

How do floods happen?

Under water earthquakes can trigger tsunamis. Also rain can make lakes and rivers over flow. Hurricanes can also cause floods.

where do floods happen?

Floods happen most often in places where there are lots of storms. Like Louisiana, Mississippi, San Diego, Iowa, and Georgia.

Pros and Cons about flooding.

  • The Egyptians wanted the river to flood to irrigate the soil.
  • And they dug ditches to holed the extra water.
  • Not many people are killed.
  • There are many shelters.
  • Earthquakes can cause flooding.
  • Animals can be killed and so can crops.

Reducing the Impacts

You can have flood kits or first aid kits. You can move to higher ground.Also people can build levees. Levees are walls that block flood waters from coming to the town.
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