LMS Familes Update

February 2023

Contact Information

Jon Grow, Principal

Erin Blansfield, Assistant Principal

Becky Mielke-Mann, Assistant Principal

Kia McKinney, 6th Grade Counselor

James Freeman, 7th Grade Counslor

David Gibbons, 8th Grade Counselor

Coming up!

2/6-2/8- 8th Grade CCTC Visits

2/10- 6th and 8th Grade Rapping about Prevention (No Vaping/Drugs) Assemblies

2/13-2/15- NCHS Counselor Visit to 8th Grade SS Classes

2/17- 1/2 Day

2/20- No School

2/22- Black History Music Program @ NCHS

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An Important Message from our Technology Office

Student expectations for Technology.

1. If a student forgets their laptop at home, they will not be given a loaner unless it is necessary to complete a test or time sensitive assignment.

2. Students should charge laptops at home every night. Most classrooms have charging stations. Use them. Do not go to Mr. Rein for a charger if you left yours at home.

3. If you have ever borrowed a loaner charger from Mr. Rein and you haven’t given it back, please do. He will place an obligation under your student account if you have been given one and don’t return it within a reasonable time frame (a few days).

4. If you lose or break your charger, regardless of the circumstances, an obligation of $50 minimum will be put on your student account when Mr. Rein gives you a new one.

5. Any drawing on, stickering, or putting gum wrapper foil on the laptop is considered inappropriate use and graffiti. It will be brought up to administration. Offending or caught students will be made to clean their mess, then have it inspected by Mr. Rein before it is given back to them, if at all.

6. DO NOT eat or drink near a laptop under any circumstances.

7. Be careful where laptops are placed. Even if it falls off a desk due to another student hitting it, it will be considered the fault of the student that the laptop is assigned to. Irresponsible placement is the fault of the student. Obligations for repair will be made accordingly

8. Do not close things in the lid of the laptop. This action can and has caused screen damage. It is easily avoidable damage. Obligations for repair will be made if needed.

9. These laptops are not yours. They belong to CCPS. When we need to take them, we don’t need to give you a reason.

10. VPN’s, Games, inappropriate pictures, videos, etc. will all be brought up to administration. Loss of privileges to a device may be enacted.

Rapping about Prevention

There will be assemblies on February 10th about Vape/Drug Prevention.

Please have these important discussions with your student regarding the use, or urge/pressure to use, vapes or drugs. Any possession or use of vapes, nicotine, or drugs at school will lead to serious consequences and possible charges.

If you feel a student may need some support, please see the resources below.

  • The Caroline Health Department in Denton has support on Wednesday evenings. For students, it will require parental self-referral and transportation for sessions. Anyone interested in this specific treatment for their child can contact the Health Department's Behavioral Health program at 410-479-1882 for a referral.

  • There is also a youth substance use peer support specialist at Mid-Shore Behavioral Health to offer suggestions and available community support for children struggling with substance use issues. Families can contact her for information and consult:

Ashley Strazza, CPRS

Behavioral Health Coordinator, Harm Reduction/Peer Outreach

Mid Shore Behavioral Health, Inc.

28578 Mary's Court, Suite 1
Easton, MD 21601
410-770-4801 ext. 310

Fax: 410-770-4809

  • Interested families may also reach out to the Maryland Coalition for Families, who help parents with children who struggle with behavioral health and substance use. Referrals can be made through the following link: https://www.mdcoalition.org/referrals/

Inclement Weather Day Plan for Students

The Maryland Department of Education is allowing districts to use three (3) asynchronous inclement weather days as virtual learning days. This limits the number of days that would normally have to be added on to the end of the school year.

Elementary: Folders with brief Math and/or English Language Arts assignments will be sent home in preparation for an inclement weather day. Internet/Wi-Fi will not be required to complete assignments. Assignments will be due shortly after school is back in session and will count as attendance for the virtual day.

Secondary: Students will be able to access their assignments offline without the need for Internet/Wi-Fi access using their school-issued device. Assignments will be brief and a review of material already covered in the classroom. Work will be due shortly after school is back in session and will count as attendance for the virtual day.

Black History Month Celebration

Lockerman Middle School and North Caroline High School are partnering together for our annual Black History Month Celebration on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 6:00 pm in the NCHS Auditorium. We will feature musical performances, an artwork showcase, and other student-led segments. In addition, the program will include recognitions of important community members.
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Classroom-Home Feature Launching Soon in the Caroline App

Say hello to parent-teacher chat and classroom announcements in Caroline app with a new app feature called Rooms! Rooms is a parent-teacher chat feature on the Caroline mobile app. Unlike the general information on the app, Rooms is a password-protected way for you to safely and securely communicate with your child’s teachers.

On Jan. 31, parents and guardians will receive instructions via email to create their Rooms login within the district app. The email will come from Apptegy, so please check your spam, just in case.

If you do not already have the district app on your phone, please download it today so you’ll be ready to login to Rooms next week. Search Caroline Schools, MD, in the App Store (iPhone) or on Google Play (Android).

Rooms Video: https://youtu.be/eULjjBn_F2o


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CCPS is committed to providing a safe, respectful, nurturing educational environment where the worth and dignity of individuals are valued and their safety and rights are protected. Behaviors that compromise this environment, interfere with school operations or are otherwise contrary to the basic mission of our public schools will not be tolerated. Bullying, hazing, harassment or other discrimination affecting a student or a staff member should be reported by a victim, parent/guardian, witness, staff member or other person having knowledge.

Staff members with knowledge of such conduct are required to promptly report it to the building principal.

Caroline County Public Schools prohibits discrimination in its educational programs, and in employment, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or disability.