The Printing Press Changed Europe

The First Printing Press

The first printing press landed in Germany in 1450 and began to spread widely in Europe over a 50 year span. Once 1500 hit there was printing presses all through Europe. (The Impact Of Movable Type Printing Press)

Printing Press Impact on Reading

Before the printing press was invented only the wealth were able to read. Once the printing press came along everyone was able to read including the people that did not have money like the wealth. (The Printing Press and It's "Impact" on Literacy)

The Journey of Columbus's Letter

Columbus's letter was sent off from Lisbon into Barcelona which then was sent to Rome where Aliander de Cosco translated it into Latin. During the letters traveling it returned to Rome multiple times. Rome had 4 editions which was the most and many cities only had 1 edition which was the least. Overall there were 14 editions of Columbus's letter. (Geographical Diffusion of Columbus's First Letter)

First Movable Printing Press

In 1452 Johann Gutenberg did not invent the printing press, he made the first movable printing press which was a big impact. (The Printing Press and Its "Impact" on Literacy)
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