Holiday Special Edition

12 Days of Sunshine and Elf on a Shelf

12 Days of Christmas

On the 12th day of Sunshine West JH gave to me

An Special Pancake Breakfast

Cookies and a Tacky Sweater

Holiday Character Dress Up

Holiday Socks and Chap Stick

M&M and Hershey’s

Jolly 80s dress up day

TBT and a photo booth


Popcorn and cotton candy

Hall’s decked with music

A turtledove and reindeer

a snowman and a snowflake.

West 12 days of sunshine
West day 11 of sunshine
West Day 10 of sunshine
West day 9 of sunshine
West Day 8 of sunshine
West Day 7 of sunshine
West Day 6 of sunshine
West Day 5 of Sunshine
West Day 4 of sunshine
Day 1 bloopers
West Day 3 of Sunshine
West Day 2 of Sunshine
West Day 1 of Sunshine

Elf on a Shelf

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