Ronald McDonald House Charity

RMHC is a organisation that helps seriously ill children.

What do they do?

The RMHC is a non-profited organisation that helps very ill children and their families when in need. They were founded in memory of McDonalds Creator Ray Croc.

Ronald Mcdonald Houses

The RM Houses is a home away from home for the children that are unwell and sick. The houses relay on your donations. With out people donating their would be no home, help or money for these children and their families

History of the RMHC

The first Ronald Mcdonald House was in 1981, Since then they have helped over 100,000 families

How does Mcdonald's Help?

Mcdonald's plays a big part in the Ronald Mcdonald charity by covering all the administration and management cost which helps children and their families

RMHC McHappy Day :)

In 2010 the McHappy Day fundrasiar raised up to $2.3 million dollars.