A Peek at Our Week

Our Spectacular 1st-3rd Grade Class

May 6, 2016

Special Place

Relaxation. Imagination. Safe Space. Self-Care.

This was a visual meditation that led us to our very own special place. For some of us, we were active and a riding horse. Some of us relaxed on a beach. Others cuddled with their dog. We learned that you do not have to be physically still, doing nothing to feel relaxed. It is about feeling safe and enjoying what we are doing! And, we can visit this place anytime! Just close our eyes and let our breath take us there!


We are practicing our multiplication! One way differentiaion happens in the classroom is through multi-leveled games. The Times Two (or 3, 4, 5) can be played with one card, two cards or three! Using the example below...For one card they would multiply it by 5, so 5x2. If they played with two cards they would add both cards and then multiply it by 2, so 13x2. Three cards, they would add all three and then multiply it by two, so 15x2.

We also played more with arrays with the project of designing a dream house. I should have called it design an animal sanctuary as all the kids incorporated rooms for different endangered animals. How sweet is that?!


Writing Workshop

Every story needs a Terrific Title! It is important to think about the title of our stories as this is the first thing the reader will read! It is like the welcome mat to the door they will open that leads to an incredible story. We noticed authors often use the characters' name in titles, important events or just powerful words, like magic and secret. To practice, we read a few short stories and gave our own titles.


Magic C asked us to practice p....dive down, swim up and over, around bump!

Word Work

Phonics groups are working on:
  • ch, th, wh, sh beginning blends...we are working more on these diagraphs as ch, th are tricky for us!! We decided we wanted a sheet in our writing folder to help us remember.
  • ay...There are so many ways to make the long a sound - ai, a_e and now ay! We learned about open and closed words. When it is open we do not hear a consonant sound after the vowel, like day or gray. When it is closed we hear a consonant sound like grain or fade. If it is open then we know it is a ay word!
  • +ed, +ing...sometimes babysitters double (-ed, -ing are like sharks that yank a consonant which would leave a poor baby without a babysitter, forcing it to say its name when it is not ready! Like swim+ing would be swi-ming. Huh? Call in for help! swim-ming - much better!), sometimes nothing happens (like with vowel buddy patterns. They are already saying their name, all grown up, so no worries if their consonant gets yanked away - and sometimes e goes POOF! (notice -ing has an e sound...it can do the job of magic e and make the babies say their name!).


It has been all about wolves this week! To record our learning of different endangered animals, we are making a paper bag book that includes a pocket full of information. On each page we are creating a habitat, the animal we are focusing on and its prey. The kids have LOVED creating their habitat and then having time to free play with it. They connected all their pages to make a BIG habitat and acted out all the behaviors of the gray wolf. Learning is FUN!!!

Friday Workshops

  • May 13th - Laurel, Sam

  • May 20th - Ethan, Stella

  • May 27th - Addy, Oliver

  • June 10th - Olivia, Laurel

Field Trips

  • May 20 - Woodard Bay Bike Trip - 12:15

Important Dates

  • May 15 - Three Magnets Float On! Fundraiser - 4:00-6:00
  • May 16-20 - Bike Week!
  • May 18 - Board Meeting
  • May 30 - No School
  • June 1 - Parent Meeting
  • June 10 - Half Day
  • June 15 - Board Meeting
  • June 17 - Half Day/Portfolio Share
  • June 18 - End of Year Ceremony 11:00-12:00 play, 12:00-12:30 ceremony, 12:30-3:00 potluck/play