Payton Chamberlain

Noun Phrase

A word or group of words that functions in a sentence as subject, object, or prepositional object. An example is that Max and Ben ate their dinner.

Verb Phrase

The part of a sentence containing the verb and any direct or indirect object, but not the subject. An example is Max and Ben ate their dinner.

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Articles Of English

The articles of English are a, an and I. A and an are indefinite articles, I is a definite article.


Pronouns is something that takes lace of a noun, like the dog it could be replaced as Riley. We, us, they, me, he, she, herself, etc. are pronouns but, what about I's? I's are classified as a pronoun because it can be replaced by a noun. For an a example the girl went to the park, you can replace"the girl" and put I.

Linking and Action Verbs

A linking verb connects the verb to the subject of the subject. An action verb is what the subject is doing. A difference between linking and action is that a linking verb is connecting the action verb to the subject. Some examples would be is, would, and are. The dog is running fast, is would be the linking verb because it's connecting the verb to the noun. An action verb is an action like swimming, running, and jumping. An example would be the dog is running fast.
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Linking Verb or Action Verb