October - The More You Know


Important Dates

Tuesday, October 6th: Free ACT tests for the following schools: BFA-FX

Wednesday, October 7: Cohort B in person make up day (because we are off on the 9th) - no regular Wednesday academic schedule this week

NO SCHOOL: October 9th & 12th - enjoy your 4 day weekend.

Wednesday, October 14th: Cohort A in person make up day (because we are off on the 12th) - no regular Wednesday academic schedule this week

Wednesday, October 14th: Free SAT exams for Seniors at the following schools - SBHS, WHS, CVU, CHS, Harwood

Wednesday, October 14th: Free PSAT exams for Juniors at the following schools - EHS, SBHS, WHS, MMU

Friday, October 30th: Free ACT tests for the following schools: BHS

**Seniors: Please complete this quick survey so we know your plans after graduation, and can support you with your needs! Click here!

CTE Fall Open House is going Virtual!

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 6:30-8pm

This is an online event.

You'll hear next from students' program teachers with an individualized invitation to a group meeting through Zoom or Google Meet. All students and their families, A and B cohorts combined, are welcomed to join us.

What does Step 3 mean for me?

In short: Nothing!

We will continue to stay in our current hybrid A and B cohort weekly schedule. Despite the state's upcoming Step 3 shift which allows for more in-person learning at some of the younger grade levels, the size of our building and age of our learners makes it safest for us to continue in our hybrid model.

Hybrid learning is hard! How can I (or my student) get more support?

Students have the opportunity to attend school in person on Wednesdays! You can work with specific teachers for that extra boost you might need. You must ask one of your teachers to sign you up the Friday before and provide whether you need transportation and/or breakfast/lunch.

Seniors: Need Help Filling out Financial Aid Forms?

VSAC is here to help (so are your CTE Counselors)!

Here are a couple of options:

*Schedule an individual (or family) meeting with someone from VSAC! They can help walk you through the process. You will need your and your parents 2019 tax returns and social security numbers.

*Check out the VSAC Events Calendar and find a presentation/information session that fits your needs.

*Navigate it more independently through watching this video and/or accessing these resources to help guide your way through FAFSA completion.

*Meet with your CTE school counselor - we can get you started and answer some basic questions but the VSAC folks are the experts :)

October is LGBTQ+ History Month!






On October 1st, Amber Leventry is offering an online session titled "Being Transgender" through Essex Junction Parks and Rec. See details and register here: www.essexrec.org

On September 26, VIEW (Voices for Inclusion in Essex and Westford) hosted LGBTQIA+ Stories in the Park event. You can watch the full video from the event by searching Essex Community Justice Center on Facebook.

Register to Vote!

Election day is right around the corner (November 3, 2020). If you are 18 (or will be before November 3rd) or older and have an interest in having your voice count you can register to vote here or register in your towns voting site the day of the election.

Have questions about voting? Want to get involved with the upcoming election? Check out RockTheVote.org.

Why should I Vote? Check out the following video - originated in the UK but still relevant here!

Why Should You Vote?

Alumni Profile: Corey Clark

Corey is a 2017 graduate who was a student in Pre-Tech 1, Natural Resources - Mechanical & Natural Resources - Forestry

Check out the full profile here!

"My attendance at the Tech Center through the last three years of high school was the best time of my life and set me up for a successful career out of high school. All of the skills I learned in those three years prepared me to be a successful high school graduate. I felt well equipped to jump right into the workforce and felt comfortable with what the world held in store for me.

CTE recognizes every student is an individual and will work endlessly to make sure the student excels. With this philosophy, I was able to thrive and excel physically, mentally, and academically. That is exactly how school should be."

~Corey Clark

"Parents want to see their kids grow, excel, and succeed. Many kids find themselves struggling in the traditional learning environment. This is where we found Corey until he started at the Tech program. We immediately saw a change in Corey. His grades took a turn for the better and actually liked school. It didn't stop there. The Tech program helped him identify his interests and created opportunities for him in the job market. He graduated with a full time job that he loves and we continue to see him grow, excel, and succeed as a fine young man. We are grateful for the Tech program helping to bring out his potential."

~Tim and Cathy Clark.

*If you are an alumni of CTE and would like to be featured in future newsletters, please contact Chris Chase at cchase@ewsd.org

CTE School Counseling Coordinators

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Link to Student Events Calendar

Instagram: CounselorsofCTE

Lindsay Ackley: lackley@ewsd.org - Building, Cosmetology, Dental, Health Info, Natural, Pre-Tech 3 & 4

Emmy Charron: echarron@ewsd.org - Auto, Childhood Ed, CAWD, CST, DCM, Engineering, Pro Foods, Pre-Tech 1, 2 & 5

Chris Chase: cchase@ewsd.org - Sending School & Community Relations Coordinator

The Center for Technology, Essex does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national

origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or age in its programs or

activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the

nondiscrimination policies: Bob Travers, Director

2 Educational Drive Suite 200 Essex Junction, VT 05452

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