Mrs. Rumbolt's Grade One

May Newsletter

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Important information:


This month Mrs. Leclerc is challenging our students to each bring in a toonie to raise money for the Stollery Hospital. Our school goal is $1000, which is also “bail” to keep Mrs. Leclerc out of pretend jail (all going to the hospital of course).

Teddy bears will also be for sale on May 24th for $15. With proceeds going to the Stollery Hospital.

As well, Mrs. Saunder’s class is doing a lollipop fundraiser to raise money for Fort McMurray. See yellow page sent home Friday for more information.

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Upcoming Important Dates:

- Thursday, May 12th: Fun lunch (Pizza Hut). CANTEEN IS CLOSED.

- Friday, May 13th: 11:30am dismissal AND Spring Dance (6:30pm-8:30pm)

- Monday, May 16th: Book orders due

- Friday, May 20th: 11:30am dismissal

- Monday, May 23rd: NO SCHOOL (Victoria Day)

- Wednesday, May 25th: Grade color day! Grade one’s color is RAINBOW. Wear your rainbow shirt and any rainbow socks, hair pieces, etc. that you have!

- Thursday, May 26th: Fun lunch (Hot dogs). CANTEEN IS CLOSED.

- Friday, May 27th: All library books/payments are due for the year.

Table Talk

This is where I share a few things that we have been learning in class, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

1) Sight words- ALMOST DONE! WOHOO!

2) Math-We continue to work on adding and subtracting. As well we have been focusing on numbers to 100. Play "missing numbers" with your family. Tell your family about patterns in the 100 chart.

3) Science- Science topics for May/June include exploring the 5 senses, as well as discussing ways to take care of our earth and environment. We have also started our unit on plants and animals. 18 days until the ducks hatch! Ask your child about the duck eggs.

4) Letters/Sounds- We are continuing to review tricky sounds and letter combinations. We are working on transferring them to our writing as well.

Practice words that have these endings- ing (jumping, making)

ed (played, jumped)

5) Writing- We are currently working on adding more details to our writing. Ask your child about a "3 star sentence".

6) Words their Way- W.T.W. sorts come home every Friday. Have your child review their sort with you.

Try playing "no peeking" and "back writing".

7) Reading- We are working on reading with good fluency. We have been paying attention to punctuation as we read to make sure we are taking appropriate pauses, reading with excitement, etc.

*Note: As your child begins taking home buddy books that are longer, feel free to have your child keep the buddy book to read over a few nights (maybe even more depending on length). Please just let me know in the agenda.

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