Ancient Greece

Chris, Drew, Matea, Mia


The Ancient Greeks. How does one describe the Ancient Greeks? Skilled fisherman, owners of democracy, etc. Inventers of the first Olympic Games, believers of gods and goddesses. Victors of the Trojan War, geographically lucky. From when they began, to when the scarce recourses got the best of them. Lived in the southwestern part of Europe. Every one of their city-states

Mia- Geographer

 Ancient greecegeographerThis civilization (Greece) is located in the southwestern part of Europe. Greece is located right off the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The Greeks used a lot of natural resources like clay or pottery. They used clay and pottery for making bowls, pots, and decorations. They used bowls and pots for holding food and water. Another resource is food mostly fish and bread, but there were others like berries. Wood is another resource because they had to build boats with wood, and to go across water you had to have a boat. The Greeks could not get around by just walking so they used horses.The Greeks hunted a lot, they usually hunted buffalo and bison. They also needed a companion when they hunted so they used dogs. If you want to know if the Greeks were geographically lucky then yes they were. They were lucky because they lived near water and water has fish. Geography has an impact on there lives because they need to know were they are in the world, where others are in the world and were food is.

Drew- Historian

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Ancient Greece

Nobody knows for sure when the ancient Greeks got their start. But in 1200 BC the Mycenaen civilization collapsed, this lead to years of political change. City-States were made and settlements flourished. Living on a peninsula the skilled fisherman began the civilization. Many steps lead to success for the Greek. Such as the battle for troy in 1200 BC, where the Greek hid in a ‘peace offering’ of a horse, and when the Greek invented the Olympics. The Romans tended to copy the Greeks art and gods.

Greek had a very powerful leader. Although Greece was a democracy, and all of the city-states had little power against each other. But their powerful leader was Alexander the Great. Not only did he have control over all the city-states. But he conquered an empire that reached as far as Afghanistan to India. But in the end scarce resources became a problem too many poor Greeks. They sailed to find new land.

Chris- Anthropologist

The Greeks believed in gods and goddesses.such as Zeus and Posieden. These gods were immortal (they live forever). They were human like. The Greeks were advanced. The Greeks were advanced in many ways. Such as, called a signaling system by lighting fires on hilltops and the next hilltop would light it and so on.

I suppose it was for emergencies for the military uses. The military was very important to the Greeks because they had a great military so that would mean they would be in power that's why it was important to the Greeks. The Greeks communicated in traveling talking and writing down whats happening. They socialized by going out and doing different activities such as the Olympic Games. The Greeks were very smart and advanced for there time.

Matea- Archaeologist

Do you watch the Olympic Games? Well did you know they were stared about 2,700 years ago by the Ancient Greeks? Just like nowadays every four years all the city-states of Greece went to Olympia and that’s where the games always took place except now they are taken in different places every four years. The last Olympics were played in 2012, which is this year, and of course no wars were going on but when the Ancient Olympics took place the city-states of Ancient Greece were always having wars with each other so when the messengers of Elis called a “sacred truce” the land would be at peace so people could travel safely to and from the games. During the games people tried to cheat, which is obviously not aloud, but if you were caught cheating you would have to buy a bronze statue of Zeus because the games were dedicated to him. You would expect that you would win a gold medal if you won but back then all you would get was fame and a feast.