AARI Photos and Videos Needed!

Show Your Stuff!

You and your students work so hard all year long! Oakland Schools would like to share your memories, thinking and creations. Take a quick photo of your class with a map! Share a video that you and your students created. Share photos from anytime over the year Remember YOU keep AARI alive!

Upload your photos or videos using the link below to Microsoft OneDrive or email them to Dalyce Beegle.

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Your VOICE is Gold!

Hearing the stories of teachers and their AARI journey is the most valuable asset for Oakland School!

  • What is your AARI Story?
  • What does AARI mean to you?
  • How has AARI impacted you as an educator?
  • How has AARI impacted your students?

*Please note if you would like to remain anonymous.

Click here to share your story!