Soar Report

November 16-20

This Week's News

Class Thanksgiving Feast- We will have our annual Thanksgiving feast in class on Thursday afternoon. A letter was sent home last Thursday. Please return your child's permission slip and $1.50 donation by this Wednesday so we can purchase the food!

Book It!- Keep reading! Your November goal is 300 minutes.

Bake Sale- We are continuing to sell baked goods in class. If your child would like to buy items they are $0.50. We will use the money to buy items for our class projects, etc.

PTO fundraiser- Pink Hummer order forms and money were due to the office today.

Special's Schedule

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Computer

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Music

Friday- PE

Dates to Remember

Monday, November 16

  • School Council Meeting, 5-6
  • Hummer Limo Fundraiser Ends

Tuesday, November 17

  • Thanksgiving Lunch (PreK, K and 3)
  • DQ Spirit Night

Thursday, November 19

  • Progress reports issued

This Week's Learning Goals

Letter/Sound of the Week: Rr

Sight Words: red, run, three

CAFE/ELA- 2nd 9 weeks learning goals

  • Spoken words are represented by a sequence of letters
  • Identifying and producing rhyming words
  • Blending sounds to read words
  • Asking and answering questions and retelling
  • Engaging in group activities
  • Sorting
  • Writing one sentence to produce an opinion piece

Math: 2nd 9 weeks learning goals

  • Counting to 60
  • Skip counting by 10's to 50
  • Counting forward starting with a number other than 1
  • Answering how many question (#0-20)
  • Comparing written numbers using more than, less than, equal to (#0-10)
  • Comparing objects using more than, less than, equal to (0-20)
  • Composing and decomposing numbers 11-19 into tens and ones

Social Studies/Science/Health Unit: Thanksgiving

Leaping Frogs

Congratulations to the following Leaping Frogs for making a 100% on reading sight words, letter sounds, spelling CVC words, and blending CVC words!



Mary Catherine





These students earned their 2nd Sight Word Super Star for reading 20 sight words!


These students earned their 3rd Sight Word Super Star for reading 30 sight words!

Lina Rosa



APTT Goal- Counting to 100

Continue to work on counting to 100!