Mann Science

For the week of February 17 - 21, 2014

A note from Mrs. Mann

WOW - This is the last week of the 4th six weeks!

I am most excited about Tuesday this week because we will have our gallery walk were all the students get to showcase their squirrel island project to their class.

During our gallery walk, students will walk around and view all the different creations of creativity that their classmates have made. We will be in the lecture hall, so if you have time in your day to come by and see what your student has done, you are always welcome! I will also take pictures and hopefully make a video to share with you next week.

One last thought - My students always amaze me with their talent when they decide they can do anything they put their mind to! So thank you for all the support you give at home.


Upcoming Events


Monday - Staff Development Day/ Student Holiday

Tuesday - Squirrel Island Gallery Walk, Time Capsule data collection

Wednesday & Thursday - Dichotomous key notes and activities

Friday - Weekly Quiz, Succession notes


February 24 - Start of the 5th six weeks