Life With Nerium

Sarah Tobey, Brand Partner

The Adventure Begins

I started my journey with direct sales 4 years ago. I felt like I needed a hobby and needed to learn to become more independent. The experience was wonderful and I met a lot of awesome people. I was pretty good at it too, at first. However, I quickly learned that you needed to start developing a team to get anywhere, and I was spending a lot of time away from home. After 2 years, I decided to quit the company and move on. I was moving into a new house, planning a wedding, and just had a lot going on.

About 6 months ago, I told my husband I wanted to find something else because I really missed it. I started looking into Nerium. The more I was reading up on Nerium, the more I was getting hooked. It wasn't a pyramid method...people were working together and supporting each other...that's why they call themselves "Brand Partners". The compensation plan was the best thing I have ever seen. There were not home parties to keep me away from my family either. It wasn't direct sales, rather it was all based on marketing. Every detail I was falling in love with. Then there was the product.

Nerium International has 3 amazing products...Nerium AD Night Cream, Nerium AD Day Cream, and NeriumFirm. All of these products work wonders. I started using the night cream and day cream 3 days ago, and I have already started noticing how soft my skin is. As soon as I put the night cream on, I can start feeling it working right away. I am amazed with all the results I am seeing from other people, as well. Once you try the product, you are hooked. The best part is Nerium stands by their product...there is a 30 day money back questions asked. If you are interested in placing a risk free order, let me know. You will never regret this decision, you will only be wishing you would have made it sooner.

Wrinkles and Wine Launch Party

I will be hosting a Wrinkles and Wine party at my house on Monday, December 30. I can't wait to show you guys this product. It is AMAZING! Anyone who places an order will be entered into a drawing for a FREE bottle of NeriumFirm. Come hear all about these products and everything this company has to offer! At least come for free appetizers and wine.

Take Advantage of the Holiday Gift Sets

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Sarah Tobey

If you need help with orders or signing up to become a brand partner, I will be happy to assist you. I would love to pass on my excitement for this product and company. Be careful it is contagious.