Business Manager

What do they do

Business managers are responsible for seeing and supervising a company's activities and employees. Small businesses rely on the business manager to keep workers up with the goals of the company. Business managers report to top executives in a bigger organization, but in a small company, the manager might either own the company or report to the owner.

Types of Business Managers

Business managers see the day-to-day operations in big and small organizations. In a big company managers oversee an individual department, such as marketing, sales or production. In a smaller company, the business manager might oversee operations in all departments. Office managers oversee the work of clerical or support staff in the business

Salary Information

They make over $101,640


Management is responsible for the decision-making in an organization, such as choices related to changes needed to adapt to external and internal factors that impact business operations. Management must also decide where to use capital resources within an organization. Other decision-making responsibilities include selecting suppliers and vendors for goods and services for the organization.(Article)