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What Is Happening At Lee School? 1.13.22

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Dates To Remember!

Monday, Jan 17th-No School, Martin Luther King Jr Day

Thursday, Jan 27th-Last Day of 1st Semester

Friday, Jan 28th-No School, Grade Day

Lockdown Drill

During the school year, we have all sorts of different safety drills we practice to make sure everyone knows what to do in the case of an emergency. Tuesday afternoon we had an opportunity to practice having a Lockdown drill. All of our students and staff did great!

A Lockdown is used when there is an unsafe person inside the school building. In the case of a Lockdown, we follow district and school protocols. Individual classroom doors are locked, lights are turned off, children and adults move to a spot in the classroom where they cannot be seen from the window in the door, and everyone remains quiet. While this drill is important, we also understand and really value the importance of making sure our children feel safe and secure at school!

Personal Safety Lessons

Each year public schools are required to teach age appropriate lessons to help children recognize and respond to unsafe situations and to increase awareness of child sexual abuse. You may have heard of this legislation called Erin's law.

Mrs. Nicholas, our School Social Worker, will be teaching these lessons in all our classrooms starting at the end of January. For more information, click HERE to read the letter coming home with your student in the near future. If you would prefer your child NOT participate in these annual lessons, fill out the bottom section of this letter and return it to your students teacher.

For any additional questions, please contact Mrs. Nicholas at or call 503.263.7150

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New Learning Series: How Childhood Adversity and Trauma Affects Our Children's Development!

Are you interested in learning more about childhood adversity? How trauma impacts our children's brain development? What we can do to help and change this cycle?

Each week I will share information about Childhood Adversity, Trauma, and Brain Development. If you are interested, look for this series of posts and let me know what you think! The great news is we can make changes now that will positively change our children's health in the future!

Part 1: What Is Adversity?

Adverse Childhood Experiences are highly stressful and potentially traumatic events or situations that occur during childhood and/or adolescence.

It can be a single event, prolonged threats to a young person's safety, security, trust or body. In these situations children attempt to make sense of their experiences, establish a sense of safety and control and survive

English Learner/Migrant Zoom STEM night! January 20th!

We are excited to offer an English Learner/Migrant family event next week on Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm sponsored by the Migrant Program, English learner Program and our school Title IA Program. We will have one bag per family to send home with the youngest child in each family. We are going to read a book and do an activity together on zoom.

Most Of Us Are Eating Inside...

With the weather getting so wet and chilly, we will be moving more tables inside for lunch. We will continue to have students sitting at least 3 feet apart to help keep everyone as healthy as possible. With such a small cafeteria, this may prove to be a challenge. If we run out of space in the cafeteria, we will find another location inside for students to eat.

We know there are families that would like their students to continue eating outside in the fresh air. If that is what you would like your child/children to do, please click on the button below to put their names on our Outdoor Eating List.

I would Like My Child To Eat OUTSIDE

Click here to fill out the quick form to have your student eat outside, under the tent.


It is important all students have access to the internet so they can practice on their iPads at home. Please call the Lee office at 503-263-7150 if you are in need of a hotspot for your child to connect to the internet to do schoolwork.

School Drop Off & Pick Up

Thank you for your patience and kindness during drop off and pick up times! It is GREATLY appreciated! With more cars in line and more families new to drop off/pick up, it is very helpful to give everyone a little extra grace!

Helpful Tips:

  • Please show your brightly colored name cards to the staff in the pick up line (click here if you need a new name card);
  • If your child still needs help to be buckled in or out of their seat, please either work with them on this skill so they can be more independent OR consider parking in the lot and walking them to the front of the school. We are working to keep the drive thru drop off moving along quickly.
  • Use Pick Up Patrol to change your child's after school destination.
  • To ensure all students are safe, please do not drive around other cars.

Thank You!

Families, thank you for taking care of our school community by watching your child for any symptoms of illness, keeping your children home if symptoms arise, and calling to let us know of any COVID-19 exposures or positive test results. All of these things are helping us to be able to stay at school learning together!

Questions? Check out the CDC website for the most recent recommendations from the CDC, call your physician, or call us! We are happy to help!

Students who were exposed at school and qualify for Test to Stay and those students who become symptomatic during the school day can be given a on-site rapid test. Permission is required for on-site rapid testing. STUDENTS CANNOT BE TESTED AT SCHOOL FOR COVID-19 WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. Please fill out the form below. Students will NOT be tested unless a signed copy of this form is on file with their school.



The district does not test other family members, the public at large, or anyone unaffiliated with our schools. If you need a COVID-19 test, please contact your healthcare provider or Clackamas County Public Health.

Winter Weather Prep

Please subscribe to Canby School District on FlashAlert.

As the temperatures continue getting colder, it’s time to start preparing for winter weather and the snow bus routes, school delays, or closures that can come along with it.

When inclement weather strikes, the district will make decisions about school as early as possible -- sometimes even the night before, but our goal is by no later than about 5:30 a.m. on the day of the weather event. The message will go out via FlashAlert and will then be reported on most news websites and TV stations.

To make sure you’re set to receive the information, again, please subscribe to Canby School District on FlashAlert. Now is also a good time to update your text preferences online by listing your phone number. For more information, please see our inclement weather page.

Safe Oregon

Canby School District is now offering the community a simple way to report student safety threats. SafeOregon is a 24-hour anonymous tip-line individuals can use if they see or hear about instances of bullying, violence, threats, drug use, suicidal thoughts and more. The goal is to keep students safe by preventing threats from coming to fruition.

There are a number of ways to report, including:

  • Texting or calling 844-4-SAFE-OR (844-472-3367)

  • Emailing

  • Online at

  • Via the SafeOregon app

Please help us keep Canby’s kids safe by utilizing this program.

Lee Staff Contact Information

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