Solar System Exploration

By Emma Chambers

Pre 1900 - Johannes Kepler

Name,DOB & DOD

Name: Johannes Kepler.

Date of birth: born December 27th 1571.

Date of death: November 17th 1630.

He was 59 when he died.


Physicist, Scientist, Astronomer and Mathematican.

Main Discovery

Johannes was a teacher he thought that Earth orbitted around the sun.

He also discovered that Earth doen't travel in a perct circle.


Johannes used his eyes, telescope and magnifying glasses.

Contributions to Knowledge

Johannes discoveries helped people understand Earth and the universe.

Post 1900 - Voyager 2

Voyager 2 space mission launched on 20th August 1977


The mission and goal of Voyager 2 is to explore deep space.

Technology Used

Rockets, boosters, probe, cameras, communications,


The probe returned detailed information about the huge gas planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and their moons. It is continuing on a journey that will take it into deep space.

Additional Information

Voyager 2 along with Voyager 1are manmade object that have travelled further than any other manmade objects. before.