Community Update


Dear Community Members:

Week 1 is in the books and the 2016-17 school year is off and running. I have a couple of items for you this weekend as we look forward to the first home football game of the year.


This summer was bizarre to say the least when it came to enrolling students. As a district, our opening day enrollment was up 12 students as compared to last year, but that does not truly tell the story. In grades K-4 our enrollment increased by 42 new students which has caused our class sizes to be higher than we would like. The biggest issue with that is that there is a minimal increase in revenue from the state because the district is on a “guarantee” that goes back to 2010-11. The “guarantee” was good to us when we were declining in enrollment and still receiving flat to slightly declining funding. We could reduce staff to match the reduction in students and make our budget work. Now, however, we are increasing in enrollment with no additional funding. In the future, we will have to look very closely at whether or not we will have to add staff to meet the higher enrollment.

We will have more on this in the coming weeks, but there is no question that this will present some interesting challenges/opportunities in the coming years.


We have moved to a new A-Site this year, and as a result the login pages many of us have used for ProgressBook has also changed. The new link to get to the site is:

If you have issues, please call your child’s building for information. There will be a letter coming out from the elementary principals next week for K-4 students.


Attached you will find information from Coach Jerry Rutherford on the upcoming Flag Football Program as well as their Football Camp.


On September 12, we will have a speaker from Columbus who will talk with our 5-12 grade students about the concept of Digital Citizenship. Digital Citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. The world of technology changes at a nearly geometric rate, and as parents we are at an enormous disadvantage when it comes to monitoring and supporting our students.

On the evening of the 12th, we will host a parent/student meeting for students in grades 5-12 at 7:00 PM in the HS Auditorium. We hope that you will get this very important date on your calendar and attend the presentation.

Construction Update

Have a great weekend!

It has been a solid start. Please keep us in mind this Sunday as we work to provide the best educational opportunities possible to our students. We have terrific kids, but some have greater obstacles to overcome. Patience and persistence will be key as we work to meet their needs.