Hunger in Maine


"The American Dream"

When we think of America, of course we think of “The American Dream”. According to .... The United States is the most food secure nation in the entire world. But, statistics suggest different.

This problem is targeting 161,000 + people in the state of Maine.

What is Food Insecurity?

Food insecurity is the most broadly-used measure of food deprivation in the United States. The USDA defines food insecurity as meaning “consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year.”

Acceptable shorthand terms for food insecurity are “hungry, or at risk of hunger,” and “hungry, or faced the threat of hunger.” Food insecurity can also accurately be described as “a financial juggling act, where sometimes the food ball gets dropped.”

Imagine NOT Knowing Where Your Next Meal is From?

Hunger Statistics

In the state of Maine:
  • More than 40% of Maine kids under the age of 12 show some evidence of hunger.
  • 19,375 Maine children are hungry.
  • New data shows that 12% of Maine households, representing 161,000 people, experience food insecurity.
  • Several groups are found to be at greater risk of hunger in Maine; children, adults in low income families, disabled persons, persons with special needs, the elderly, those living in rural regions and the inner cities of Maine's largest urban places.

Follow this link to view a food insecure map of Maine

Assistance Programs are not Enough

Some families suffer more than others, and there are special programs to help such as food panties, SNAP, and WIC. These programs are definitely helpful, but can humiliate people and some people are even too proud to seek help from these programs therefore suffering in silence. With the right nutrition children and their families can thrive.

9.8 Million kids get free or reduced lunch or breakfast on an average day, but 10.6 million elligable kids go without...

Eating a healthy balanced diet benefits a person in several ways.

A wellbalanced diet provides the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and healthy. Eating well can also aid in the prevention of a variety of diseases and health problems, as well as helping to maintain a healthy body weight, providing energy and promoting a general feeling of well-being

You Can Help!

2008 Walk to Stop Hunger

Naomi French

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