Stop Smoking

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Stop Smoking

Smoking is a big problem that a lot of people live today. The cause of smoking is that you mostly get cancer but when you smoke you may get more cancer like for example lungs cancer, mouth cancer etc. Most of the time smoking can kill you . But there is a way you can stop and live a long healthy life. First of all stopping smoking is not easy and it takes time to stop. But you can stop. First is to just stop and get help and after to tell your love ones and tell them you going to stop smoking. After get help of a doctor. After all that you can stop. Some of the effects of smoking is that when you start smoking your cells die can you may get cancer which is not good. Most of the people who start to smoke is mostly when they are teens most of the time is when they have a family member or even a friend can get you to smoke and even on TV and movie can get to smoke because some movies and TV show have smoking parts and teens thinks is cool so they start to smoke because it is cool for some people.


Give better health, Less chances getting cancer, You live a longer live , Helps with your behavior, Helps you with your lungs to stay healthy.


Smoking is not good for your health., You have more chances to get cancer, You may not live a long live, Smoking doesn’t help you with your behavior, Smoking is really bad for your lungs.