History of Texas Lands

Shaun Ragsdale

Reasons to Settle Texas

At first, early American settlers came to Texas because of either for personal gain or the sense of adventure, even though Texas was Spanish territory at the time. But later, when cars and other gas vehicles came into practice, the reason was for oil farming and steel.

Supplies needed to survive


  • Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth Austin, Corpus Christi, etc. -- these places are not shown since they did not exist yet.

Amount of Land Each Settler Receives

  • A man receives 60 acres of land
  • A married man's wife adds 30 acres of land
  • Each child adds 15 acres of land
  • Each slave adds 7.5 acres of land

Information About Texas

Texas is a major agricultural and industrial state. Second only to Alaska in land area, it leads all other states in oil, cattle, sheep, and cotton. Texas ranches and farms also produce poultry and eggs, dairy products, greenhouse and nursery products, wheat, hay, rice, sugar cane, and peanuts, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.