How to Sweeten Your Day

By: Samantha Sealey


What is Saccharin and what does it do?

  • Saccharin, other wise known as Benzoic Sulfilimine, is a safe artificial sweetener we have performed more tests and studies on Saccharin than any other artificial sweetner.
  • Saccharin is two to seven hundred times more sweet than Sucrose (plain table sugar) but it does not raise blood glucose levels like Sucrose.

What is Saccharin designed to be used in?

  • Saccharin has melting point of 443.8 degrees Fahrenheit and a density of 828 kilograms per meters cubed, which makes it not soluable in water. You can use Saccharin in a multitude of foods, such as, toothpaste, cookies, jams, chewing gums, canned fruits, salad dressings, dessert toppings, and other baked goods. Best of all it has ZERO calories!

The health risks & benefits

  • As with any food or chemical there have been cases of human sensitivity or allergic reaction, but the reactions do not out weigh the majority of those who benefit from Saccharin.
  • People use Saccharin to control weight or maintain their physical appearance. It is beneficial to the persons with diabetes and obesity, also help reduce dental cavities, therefore why it's in toothpaste.
  • Although in one study we found lab rats developed a specific type of bladder cancer, there is no clear evidence that Saccharin was associated with the increase in cancer in humans. Saccharin has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.