William Criswell 2nd

By: William Criswell 6th

2nd's Obituary

The Obituary says "William T. Criswell SR., 67, of 125 N. Washington Ave. Died at 6 p.m. yesterday in. White Plains Hospital, after a long illness.

He retired last December as sales mangers for the Smith-Corona Merchant Inc. in White Plains. Mr. Criswell was a member of the Scarsdale Blue Lodge of the Masons, the Crusader Commandery of the 56 Knights Templar and the Mecca Temple of Shriners A.A.O.N.M.S. in New York City. He was a former member of the National Office Management Association.

Mr. Criswell had lived in Hartsdale for three years. Born in Baltimore, he also lived in White Plains for seven years. Mr. Criswell is survived by his wife, Margret; two sons, William Thomas Jr. and Richard B., a stepdaughter, Susan L. Day, and seven grandchildren.".

Navy Records

William Criswell the 2nd was in the navy as a United States Navel quarter-master and Ensign. He Enrolled as Quarter-master on November 30 1917. Then on March 22 1918 he was honorably discharged from Quarter-master. One day later on May 19 1918 he enrolled as Ensing for the Navy. Finally he honorably discharged on November 29 1921.

The Second's Summary

William Thomas Criswell 2nd was born in June 10 1896 at Baltimore, Maryland. He was in the Navy for four years. He also received a certificate from President Kennedy for his service to our country when he died. After that he he stayed in sales until he died in 1977.
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