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What Chile Has to Offer

One of the many things you can found in Chile is a grand array of attractions which are sure to make you stand on Edge! Valley de la Luna is one of these many attractions. It is located in the Atacama desert and is an array of huge sand dunes which will surely make you want to come back to see the mesmerizing view. Another marvelous attraction that you can find here is Easter Island. Easter Island is an island full of ancient statues created by the Moai. It is surely gonna make you excited to come to Chile and take a trip to see this famous island. Another thing Chile has is it's rich culture and history. In Chile, most people are Catholics, and the government is pretty influenced by this religion. However more and more people are becoming less religious which could possibly cause issues in the future. Also, Chile has many delicious things to eat. One thing called Chacarero which is a delicious dish including green beans and tomatoes. It's history is also another important thing. Here in Chile, the first people to settle were the Atacameño, Diaguita, Araucanian, Mapuche, and Selk’nam.

Famous People & Survival List


1. Sunscreen

2. Bug Repellent

3. Light Clothing (T-Shirt, Shorts, etc.)

4. Sandals

5. Sweater for the cold months

6. Light Rain Jacket

7. Camera

8. Hat to block the sun

9. Fast Drying Clothing

10. Debit Card for money transactions

Famous People

1. Augusto Pinochet: A dictator that overthrew the government in 1973 and stayed in power until 1998.

2. Bernardo O’Higgins: Known for being the leader of Chilean independence from Spain and as its first leader.

3.Cote de Pablo: She played as a Chilean actress best known for playing the role of Ziva David on the CBS crime drama NCIS.

4. Pablo Neruda: He was a Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet who was once called “The greatest poet of the 20th century in any language.”

5. Ricardo Lagos: He served as president of Chile from 2000-2006 and is best known for becoming the first to hold the office since General Pinochet’s military coup.

Seven More Places to Visit

A nice place to visit is Pucon. This is a place where many tourists come for it's beautiful lake, as well as it's large volcano. This place is also home to many hot springs. Another place is Fantasilandia. This place is home to a thrilling amusement park which is sure to leave you very excited! It was opened in 1978 and is located in Chile's capital, Santiago. Another wonderful place is Laguna Verde. It is a salt lake that is located on the Chilean border. You may even find some flamingoes here! For everyone who loves beaches, there is always Bahía Inglesa is a beautiful beach found in the Atacama region. You are sure to love this tropical paradise, as well as even enjoy the village by the beach. For everyone who loves art, don't worry we're not leaving you out! Mano del Desierto (which translates to "Hand of the Desert") is a sculpture located in Antofagasta Chile. This sculpture was made by Mario Irarrázabal. This sculpture depicts a hand which might catch your fancy. Ojos del Caburgua is a beautiful waterfall which is found in the Araucanía Region of Chile. Words cannot describe the beauty of this landmark. You must see it to believe it. Finally, is Conguillío National Park found in the Andes Mountains. This national park is like no other containing many amazing lakes as well as gigantic mountains that will make you so happy you visit Chile. Of course you have to visit Chile to get the full experience because pictures cannot capture the true beauty.

Chile Itinerary

1. Visit Andes Mountains

2. Visit Atacama Desert

3. Go stargazing in Valle del Elqui

4. Go surfing at Pichilemu

5. Go bike riding around Pucon

6. White water rafting in Futaleufu

7. Eat German food at Lago Llanquihue

8. Camp out at Parque Nacional Congillio

9. Go trekking in the Torres Del Paine N.P:

10. Check out the breweries at Valdivia

Chile History

In 1810, Chile began fighting for independence with Spain. Chile successfully gained independence from Spain in 1818 with help mainly from Bernardo O'Higgins (1778-1842) and José de San Martín (1778-1850). Before that, Chile was a Spanish colony for 300 years.Chilean patriots joined with the armies ofJosé de San Martín after the fight for independence with Spain started (in Argentina). When Chile defeated Spain, Bernardo O’ Higgins became the dictator of the new republic. September 18 is an independent holiday in Chile to commemorate the founding of the government back in 1810. After O’Higgins left the country Chile’s government was unstable for many years. After the civil war in 1891, Chile’s government became even more unstable. Chile returned to constitutional rule in 1932 with the reelection of president Arturo Alessandri. The focus of the 20th century was all about promoting economic growth for Chile.

Chile has been one of the most prosperous Latin American countries for a long time. Indians lived in what is now known as Chile until Spaniards arrived in the 1500s. Most Chileans are a mixed Spanish and Indian ancestry. Spaniards defeated the Inca of Peru by 1533. Chile’s constitution was adopted during the middle of the authoritarian rule.Chile’s defeat over Peru and Bolivia gave them mineral resources they needed such as nitrates and copper.When Augusto Pinochet ruled rampant human rights violations took place. Chileans consider indigenous warriors from hundreds of years ago natural heroes. In 1945, the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral became the first Latin American writer to win the Nobel Prize in literature.

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This is a beautiful photo of an Adobe church. It is sure to amaze you.
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This photo displays some of the mysterious monuments found in Easter Island left behind by the Maoi
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This landscape showcases some of Chile's amazing land formations.
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Visit this place, and not only get history, but relaxation as well! Note the statues that can be seen.

Extra Information

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