Angelina Jolie

Actress, humanitarian


  • Angelina's parents got divorced when she was 11.
  • As a hardworking and talented women.
  • Caring, open minded,and smart.
  • Even though she's an actress she finds time to be concerned with human welfare.
  • Those traits helped her in her carrer and in helping others.

Be A Leader

  • I share the caring and open minded traits with Angelina.
  • I can help others and maybe be a humanitarian like her.
  • I think her trait of being open minded has helped her the most because not only is she a humanitarian she adopted 2 kids.
  • Even though she had a rocky childhood she is a wonderful person and thats what makes me wanna emulate her.
  • I dont think so, a leader can have a lot of different qualities but might only have to show a few to be a wonderful person and help others.
  • Be more enthusiastic, initiative, and organized.