Woolies BBQ Information

for our wonderful volunteers

Things to note:

  • Box of Equipment, float and Banner/sign to be taken from school front office by a parent on Friday afternoon
  • Order has been made at Woolworths - see front desk on Sunday morning
  • BBQ tongs etc is all at Woolworths to be coolected Sunday morning
  • Woolworths are providing a sign to be collected at the service desk. Only blu tac to be used on it, not sticky tape.
  • Any extras need during the day are to be scanned at front service desk - this is where the discounted rate is given.
  • Everything is to be paid for at the end of the day out of the takings.
  • BBQ needs to be cleaned and returned at the end of the day
  • Float will be collected at the end of the day by P&C rep or staff member.
  • If any queries arise, please phone Rachel O'Connor P&C President 0407078190

Thank you so much for your time. All funds raised go directly to Bogangar Public School.