The Types of Government

The Types of Government

The types of government are Democracy which is when everybody is equal and has an equal say, Republic which is when the people elect other people to represent them, Totalitarian is when one party has control and the state has all authority, Dictatorship is when there is one leader and everybody follows them, Theocracy is controlled and based by the religion of the controlling group, Monarchy is when one person has all power and makes decisions, Socialism is everyone owns everything, Aristocracy is when one group has control and they are usually wealthy, and Communism is when all property is owned by the community and everyone is equal.

What Kind of Government Countries Have.

Some countries that use a Democratic government are Austria, Denmark, and Finland.

Other countries that have a Republic are The U.S., Chile and Cuba. Countries that are

Totalitarian are China, North Korea, and Iraq. Russia, Germany, and China have all have had a Dictator rule them. Sudan, Yemen, and Iran have been run by a theocracy government. Some countries that have been run by Monarchy are Thailand, United Kingdom, and Australia. Portugal, Guyana, and India have been run by Socialism. Some countries that have been ruled by Aristocracy are England, Poland, and Bangladesh. China, Cuba, and Laos have been ruled by Communism.

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