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Radio Announcer: Today we will face the topic of welfare. Around the nation, there is talk of the good and bad aspects of welfare, and today Caleb and Brian are here to give you the insight and fight over the pros and cons of welfare. Hopefully they will deepen your insight of the pros and cons of welfare. Brian will be supporting the cons while Caleb will be backing the pros of welfare. Good luck to the both of you.

Brian: First I would like to say how ridiculous it is that there is even debate over this topic. It is obvious and elementary that welfare is the cause of the nation’s destruction and debt.

Caleb: How can you say that sir when you have never had to take welfare in your life? Most people say they hate welfare because they are the ones paying for it through taxes, but step into the shoes of those who need it. Would you be saying the same then?

Brian: It is true that I have not taken welfare before, but that is because I am responsible adult who has never gotten to the point of needing welfare. People that need welfare are lazy and don’t choose to look for a job for themselves. How can you say I need to be put in their shoes when I know what goes on in their lives? I know that most people needing welfare, don’t look for a way out of welfare.

Caleb: Sure, there is some people that abuse welfare and should be looking for a job, but there are some people that would die without welfare because it is the thing that pays for their medicine to live and water to drink. Sure, I will admit people abuse welfare, but if you took it away for those few, you’d have to take it away from everyone. And do you want to take it away from the depressed mother of five that would commit suicide leaving her children behind if she didn’t have welfare to pay for her medication ("Pros and")?

Brian: Don’t even bring up the sappy stories of people like that. Everyone knows that there is way more people that abuse welfare than actually need it. Charity is for people that have problems. Those people can get help from charities that have the money to pay for that kind of need (Galadriel).

Caleb: You’re saying that people that pay taxes don’t have enough money to pay for people’s welfare, but half of Americans that claim to be poor have a car, a television, and a cell phone ("Poverty"). Plus if people could see where their tax money goes to when it goes towards welfare purposes, if they had a heart, they would give it away in a heartbeat. They would see the mothers and fathers scraping out enough money to pay for food and water, and the children that can dream again because they have money to buy them a second chance.

Brian: I do admit that sounds bad…

Caleb: Again, put yourself in their shoes, if you really needed welfare, you would take it and be thankful for it.

Brian: I am very blessed to not be in their shoes, but I still can’t feel bad for the people that abuse welfare.

Radio Announcer: Well, on that note we will wrap up this debate. Having heard Caleb talk about the pros of welfare, it may have switched a lot of our minds to the positive aspects of welfare. Until next time on 65.1 the News Talk Debate Room. Goodnight San Diego.

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