Bacterial vases are a vaginal infection

Bacterial vases are a vaginal infection that results from an imbalance between the microorganisms that normally exist in the female genital organ with

changes in its acidity and proliferation of harmful bacteria.
In vamooses the discharge is thin, dirty white color with a distinctive smell and the fish that increases in intensity after intercourse.
Vaginal candidacies is a fungal infection that does not result from sexual transmission but changes the vaginal environment that can be associated with the

use of the pill, diaphragm, intrauterine device, diabetes, pregnancy and recent intake of antibiotics.
Typical candidacies discharge is thick, white (looks like cottage cheese), no particular smell and is accompanied inflammation of the walls of which are

reddened genitals.
The woman complains of itching and burning when urinating. Trico monists is an infection caused by a parasite, troche moans virginals, which is transmitted

by sexual contact.
Trico monists in the discharge is abundant, greenish yellow, foul smelling and itchy intense and burning in the genital organ urination. In some women the

infection can be asymptomatic.
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia infection Chlamydia and gonococcus The bacteria are transmitted through sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge that can cause

inflammation of the genitalia and usually the cervix.
To verify that the discharge comes from the cervix is necessary to do a gynecological observation.
In these infections the purulent discharge usually (with the appearance of pus), yellowish and sometimes bloody.
There are factors that predispose to alteration of vaginal discharge?