Knightly News Update

February 7, 2021

About Us

Our Mission

Our Misson is to Provide Hope for Students Through Educational Options that Promote a Free Society and Cultivate Moral and Academic Excellence.

Our Creed

Honor--I Will Honor Those Things Which Are Good and True

Respect--I Will Show Respect To Others At All Times

Service--I Will Do Good Things For Others Without Being Asked

Work--I Will Be A Good Learner and Work Hard to Prove It

"Together We Can"

A Message from Ms. Butler

Dear Woodlands Classical Academy Families,

We have a lot going on this week. Please read the newsletter carefully to see what's happening on campus.

Winter Family Workshop

Calling all families! Would you like to know how to incorporate habits to reduce stress at home that will also improve your child's results in the classroom? Join us on February 11th in our next Winter Family Workshop and be entered into a drawing to win an Amazon Echo! Click the link below to register.

When: February 11th @ 6:00 PM

Valentine's Day

We have received many questions about Valentine's Day. Due to COVID-19, we are not allowing any food items on campus; however, you will be allowed to hand out valentine's day cards and non-edible items. You may consider making a class donation (board games, school supplies, teacher supplies, etc.). Please reach out to your child's teacher for more information or suggestions.

105th Day of School

Because we missed the 100th day of school on Friday, we are going to have a redo and celebrate the 105th day of school this Friday.

In-Person Scholars COVID-19 Daily Screener

Just a reminder, please remember to complete your COVID-19 screener daily. If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms on the screener, please email Nurse Kennerly at or call our office at 936-242-1541. All staff is required to complete a COVID-19 as well. If your child begins experiencing COVID-19 symptoms at school, we can test your child for COVID-19; however, we need consent. Please click on the link below for more information.

4th 9-Weeks Instructional Selection

It is time to select your instructional selection for the 4th 9-Weeks (March 22-May 26, 2021). Please select your instructional selection below for each of your scholars. The deadline to select your instructional selection will be Friday, February 26, 2021. Once you make your instructional selection, you must make any changes with our front office. Remember, if you select in-person learning, you can return to virtual learning anytime.

This month we will be focusing on our new character trait--wisdom, 7 Habit--Synergy, and 7 Mindset--We are all connected. This months character traits focus on the things we value most in our creed--Together We Can!! Please take a moment to review our character focus below.


Roxana L. Butler, Campus Director

The Woodlands Classical Academy

COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

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Face Covering Guidance--Substantial Level

Based on county COVID-19 activity levels, our campus will adopt the protective measures found under "Substantial Activity" in our ResponsiveEd COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines this week (2/1 - 2/5:

Among other practices, this means that students in Grades PK-12 will wear face coverings when it is not feasible to maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet from other individuals, including in classrooms. Thank you for your partnership in the safety of the students and staff on our campus.

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A World Without Black People

This is a story of a little boy named Theo, who woke up one morning and asked his mother, "Mom, what if there were no Black people in the world?" Well, his mother thought about that for a moment, and then said, "Son, follow me around today and let's just see what it would be like if there were no Black people in the world." Mom said, "Now go get dressed, and we will get started."

Theo ran to his room to put on his clothes and shoes. His mother took one look at him and said, "Theo, where are your shoes? And those clothes are all wrinkled, son. I must iron them." However, when she reached for the ironing board, it was no longer there.

You see Sarah Boone, a black woman, invented the ironing board, and Jan E. Matzelinger, a black man, invented the shoe lasting machine.

"Oh well," she said, "please go and do something to your hair." Theo ran into his room to comb his hair, but the comb was not there. You see, Walter Sammons, a black man, invented the comb. Theo decided to just brush his hair, but the brush was gone. You see Lydia O. Newman, a black female, invented the brush. Well, this was a sight: no shoes, wrinkled clothes, hair a mess. Even Mom's hair, without the hair care inventions of Madam C. Walker, well, you get the picture.

Mom told Theo, "Let's do our chores around the house and then take a trip to the grocery store." Theo's job was to sweep the floor. He swept and swept and swept. When he reached for the dustpan, it was not there. You see, Lloyd P. Ray, a black man, invented the dustpan.

So he swept his pile of dirt over in the corner and left it there. He then decided to mop the floor, but the mop was gone. You see, Thomas W. Stewart, a black man, invented the mop. Theo yelled to his Mom, "Mom, I'm not having any luck."

"Well, son," she said, "Let me finish washing these clothes, and we will prepare a list for the grocery store." When the wash finished, she went to place the clothes in the dryer, but it was not there. You see, George T. Samon, a black man, invented the clothes dryer.

Mom asked Theo to go get a pencil and some paper to prepare their list for the market. So, Theo ran for the paper and pencil but noticed the pencil lead was broken. Well, he was out of luck because John Love, a black man, invented the pencil sharpener.

Mom reached for a pen, but it was not there because William Purvis, a black man, invented the fountain pen.

As a matter of fact, Lee Burridge invented the typewriting machine and W. A. Lovette the advanced printing press. Theo and his mother decided just to head out to the market.

Well, when Theo opened the door, he noticed the grass was as high as he was tall. You see, John Burr, a black man, invented the lawnmower. They made their way over to the car and found that it just wouldn't go. You see, Richard Spikes, a black man, invented the automatic gearshift, and Joseph Gammel invented the supercharge system for internal combustion engines. They also noticed that the few cars that were moving were running into each other and having wrecks because there were no traffic signals. You see, Garrett A. Morgan, a black man invented the traffic light.

Well, it was getting late, so they walked to the market, got their groceries, and returned home. Just when they were about to put away the milk, eggs, and butter, they noticed the refrigerator was gone. You see John Standard, a black man, invented the refrigerator. So, they just left the food on the counter.

By this time, Theo noticed he was getting mighty cold. Mom went to turn up the heat, and what do you know? Alice Parker, a black female, invented the heating furnace. Even in the summertime, they would have been out of luck because Frederick Jones, a black man, invented the air conditioner.

It was almost time for Theo's father to arrive home. He usually takes the bus, but there was no bus, because its precursor was the electric trolley, invented by another black man, Elbert R. Robinson. He usually takes the elevator from his office on the 20th floor, but there was no elevator because Alexander Miles, a black man, invented the elevator. He also usually dropped off the office mail at a nearby mailbox, but it was no longer there because Philip Downing, a black man, invented the letter drop mailbox, and William Barry invented the postmarking and canceling machine.

Theo and his mother sat at the kitchen table with their heads in their hands. When the father arrived, he asked, "Why are you sitting in the dark?" Why? Because Lewis Howard Latimer, a black man, invented the filament within the light bulb. Theo quickly learned more about what it would be like if there were no black people in the world, especially if he were ever sick and needed blood. Dr. Charles Drew, a black scientist, found a way to preserve and store blood, which led to his starting the world's first blood bank. Well, what if a family member had to have heart surgery? This would not have been possible without Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a black doctor, who performed the first open-heart surgery.

So, if you ever wonder, like Theo, where would we be without black people? Well, it's pretty plain to see. We would still be in the DARK!

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Calling all families! Would you like to know how to incorporate habits to reduce stress at home that will also improve your child's results in the classroom? Join us on February 11th in our next Winter Family Workshop and be entered into a drawing to win an Amazon Echo! Click the link below to register.

When: February 11th @ 6:00 PM

RSVP for this event using the link below:

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Virtual School Tour

The Woodlands Classical Virtual School Tour


Fully Promoted (Uniform Provider)

Fully Promoted is the official uniform provider for The Woodlands Classical Academy. All uniforms must be purchased from Fully Promoted Only. Please see the pictures below of our uniforms.

Shoes should be athletic shoes (no ballet flats or boots allowed). Shoes should be black or white and can contain up to 10% of another color (please see the examples below). Girls can wear black or white leggings under their jumpers, skorts or skirts. Only Woodlands Classical jackets or sweaters can be worn inside the building (please see examples below). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the front office.

Fully Promoted is having a sale on uniforms. Please use the link below to check out their deals.

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February Character Virtue--Wisdom


Wisdom is making practical applications of truth In daily decisions.

I will...

  • listen to my parents and teachers.
  • learn from correction.
  • choose my friends carefully.
  • remember that there are consequences to all of my actions.
  • ask "What is the right thing to do?"

Wisdom in Balance

Live Humbly

Humility is “acknowledging that achievement results from the investment of others in my life.” A wise person recognizes what he or she does not know and appreciates others’ contributions. Furthermore, a wise person knows he or she needs others’ perspectives.

Practice Discretion

Discretion is “recognizing and avoiding words, actions, and attitudes that could bring undesirable consequences.” Discretion gives a person the circumspection to respond appropriately. Understand when, where, and how to say what needs to be said. If nothing needs to be said or if you are not the person to say it, do not say anything.

Show Benevolence

Benevolence is “giving to others’ basic needs without having as my motive personal reward.” A physicist studies the behavior of matter, and biologist studies the way matter interacts in living things. Similarly, a person needs the wisdom to understand life and the benevolence to live it well. Understand relationships, and give them the appropriate priority, even when you do not understand them.

Habit 6: Synergize

Habit 6—Synergize: I know that together is better!

I know that everyone is good at something.

Everyone needs to get better at something.

I believe that we can all learn something from each other.

I know that working in groups helps to create better ideas than what one person can do alone.

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Habit 6: Synergize
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #6 (Synergy)

7 Mindset of the Month- We Are Connected

The We Are Connected mindset helps us to understand that everyone who comes into our lives can help us live our dreams. Through this mindset, we learn to constantly explore synergies with others, embrace diversity, and relish competition that will allow us to maximize our potential with and through others.

Students Learn A Powerful Lesson About Privilege
Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda - Love Make the World Go Round (Lyric Video)
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K-2nd Grade Assembly (8:10 am)

Monday, Feb. 8th, 8-8:30am

This is an online event.

Grab and Go Breakfast Packs for Virtual Students

Monday, Feb. 8th, 9am-3pm

6565 Research Forest Drive

Spring, TX

Progress Reports Sent Home via JupiterEd

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 12pm

This is an online event.

3rd-5th Grade Assembly (8:10 am)

Friday, Feb. 12th, 8-8:30am

This is an online event.

President's Day (No School for Students)

Monday, Feb. 15th, 8am

6565 Research Forest Drive

Spring, TX