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Today is December 18 3000 b.c. Mesopotamia has had many floods and droughts. Right now we have a massive flood. You can watch the emergence news to get more information about the flood. Today our topic is about Mesopotamia. The Northern part which is on a plateau, or a high, flat area of land. Also the southern part which is an alluvial plain, or low,flat land formed from fine soils deposited by rivers. The soil of ancient Mesopotamia was dry, the climate was hot , and the rivers were unpredictable. The two rivers in Mesopotamia were the Tigris and Euphrates river.

Due to unexpected weather, we have to cancel todays show. Thank you for watching Mesopotamia news. This is your fellow man Nicholas Newman and your watching NFY news.

About Jo

Bob: Hi Jo, tell us about yourself.

Jo: I am a mechanic. I love my job.

Bob: Do you have any children?

Jo: I have three sons. Jo Jr. (11) Logan (8) and Joey (7).

Bob: Very neat. Now do you have a wife or a girlfriend?

Jo: Yes my wife May-Bell. She is wonderful.

Bob: How old are you?

Jo:I am 32 years old and i'm planning to get older soon.:)

Bob: Very funny. Lastly, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Jo:I like to work and spend time with my family.

WBN News

Hello. This is World’s Best News. (WBN) And today there has been a massive flood in Mesopotamia. Houses have been destroyed. Farms destroyed.Wheeled carts were damaged very badly. Many people have been hurt but four have died already. They flood started at 12:19 am and is still going on of July 10 3000 b.c. Weather man Hossa has reported that the flood may end in 2 days but not for sure. The rain has been unbelievable a massive 19 inches!!! We have been searching for many people but 8 are missing.The Tigris river and Euphrates River are overflowing. To protect yourself from the flood make sure you have something you can float on to prevent drowning. Keep safe and stay safe. We wish you the best luck and help is on the way. 3 more people have gone missing and 9 people are now dead. Rescue searchers are on the way. Doughts were common although they would not be droughts anymore and would turn into floods. Be safe and keep children and anyone else safe. Help is on the way.King Hammurabi has demanded that we take precautions.Well that’s all that we have for today.