The Great Depression

By: Keely


Many people lost their jobs because their was a stock market crash so most of the banks closed so all of the money that the people had in their bank account had been lost so that is why many people suffered by not having a job, a nice home or some people even lost their home, and A LOT of people went poor because of the lost money in their banks also some people did not have food some had very worn out clothes or not a good shelter and many more. The stock market crash was caused because to many people bought there stocks with credit or they borrowed money so that is why stocks rose and banks started to close down.

Political / Government


Franklin D Roosevelt was elected president during the Great Depression in March 4 ,1933 he made the new deal program to help the depression to reform, and to recover it could get people out of trouble like getting a job or a better home or even food and also new clothes. But it did not completely pull out the Great Depression. Herbert Hoover was also a president during (1874-1964) and then seven months later the stock market crashed which meant that all of the banks had closed because to many people had bought stocks with credit or borrowed money so that is why most of the banks closed. Then soon F.D.R became president.

Geographic of the Great Depression

Dust Bowl

The dust storm took place during the great depression (1930's) it was the hardest and longest and very deadly dust storm. Dust storms usually take place in the great plains. Dust storms can create extreme drought, and cause soil erosion. The dust storm took over 50 million acres. Most of these dust storms come in Spring.

Interesting Facts

Questions and Answers

Who were the leaders during the Great Depression? Presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Herbert Hoover.

What laws and policies helped the U.S to get out of the depression? Answer: The New Deal, F.D.R and Herbert Hoover.

What caused the Great Depression? Answer: It all started when the stock market crashed and people were closing almost all of the banks so a lot of people went poor by not having the supply that they need like shoes and ,cloths and, food and, good shelter so that is why they called it the Great Depression.

About how many people in the great depression lost their jobs? Answer: If there were to be about 4 workers only 1 of them would have a job.

What was the dust bowl? Answer: It is a storm of sand that usually happens during spring and happens near the Great Plains it can create soil erosion, or extreme drought.

What areas of the country were hit hardest by the Great Depression? Answer: Texas , Kansas , New Mexico ,Oklahoma ,Nebraska , and Colorado.

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