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August 21st-25th

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Message from Mission Control

* I'm so excited for a wonderful first week back! We had a wonderful turnout for Meet the Teacher Night, and it was great to see all of the smiling faces of our kiddos ready to begin another successful year at Elkins!

* This week will be focused on establishing routines & procedures, implementing our campus rules, creating class creeds, tweaking schedules, verifying transportation, AND surviving the solar eclipse. :)

* The schedule is up to date in the staff One Note Portal (except for Library). Extended blocks will not begin this week. For 3-5, they will begin next week. For K-2, they will begin the week of Sept. 11th. As we begin the week, if your schedules change/tweak, or you see any issues with overlap, etc., please let me know and we will make the needed adjustments.

* If you have not sent me your grade level (or teacher) schedule, please try and get that to me this week. I understand they may change, so just update me as needed.

* Our campus mission is Every Child. Every Day. We will say this mission at the end of announcements each day. I want students to know our mission and "WHY" we are here each day. Please keep your collective commitments close to your desk/work area and refer back to them each day...especially on the hard days. We make SUCH a difference in the lives of our students. This is shown each and every day. Your hard work makes a DIFFERENCE! We know scores aren't everything, and we know we aren't defined by a test. However, when the scores DO show success and DISTINCTIONS are earned, we celebrate!! We want all of our students to choose Elkins! I choose Elkins, and I'm SO incredibly proud that you all do too!! Let's have an AMAZING 2017-2018 school year and create new destinations for our students along the way!

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Campus News

*Make sure to refer to the One Note staff portal for all needed information. I will be working to continually update the portal with new information and/or documents that you will need.

* Make sure to sign up for a committee on the Collaboration Space section of the notebook. Since we are small, each person will need to sign up for AT LEAST one committee. Some of you have already signed up for more than one, and that is GREATLY appreciated!!

* Make sure to sign up for PTA! We want to have 100% participation!!

* If you haven't brought a framed picture for the display case, please do so ASAP. Also, Lilly will be making little labels on each picture to tell where the picture is taken. Please email Lilly to let her know where you picture is from, and she will add to the frame.

* Don't forget:

- Compliance Bundle-( due Sept. 15th)- Turn in your certificates to me.

- Science Certificates to be turned in to me (all teachers who teach science)

- PD forms

- Grading Handbook signature pages

* We will get you copies of the colored staff rosters this week. The schedules are available for you to print off via the One Note Portal. The lab is still out of yellow ink, so please don't send colored copies to the lab until you hear from Nancy that it's up and running.

* Nancy is working on the project lab schedule. She will be communicating with you about those times. She will also be communicating the schedule to you for computer/makerspace. We will start off the year alternating each week, and by the end of the year, we may be able to have MS more often if all computer TEKS have been covered.

* We will be working hard to do a better job of implementing Great Expectations campus-wide this year. Tammie and I are working together to create a system for announcements and the interactive sheets (formerly used for vocabulary) around the campus. GE is our Tier 1 instructional philosophy (I don't like the word program) we are using for our campus. Please send me your name if you HAVE NOT been to GE training. I'm going to see what I can do to have our remaining teachers trained, if possible. Remember, GE works on the formal register that our students often lack. It works on how students address the class, reply to their teachers, greet visitors as they walk in, and of course referring back to the class creed they worked to create. Great Expectations has the philosophy that we act right because it's expected. It teaches them the life principles they should abide by in order to be successful students AND successful citizens.

* While we follow the GE philosophy as a campus, we do still implement our district PBIS procedures in all common areas. We have our school rules that should be posted in each classroom (Be Responsible. Be Honest. Be Respectful. Be Punctual. Be Safe). The common expectations are posted around the school, and each student should abide by those. New this year, I will have positive office referrals that can be given to students who go ABOVE and BEYOND. These should be given out to recognize those students who show something that deserves recognition. I will be sending out that form as well as posting it on the Staff Portal. We will also have a "Golden Spatula" award for the best behaved grade level in the cafeteria. Melanie will announce the winner each Friday, since she is in the cafeteria on Fridays. Lilly, Nancy, Vickie, and Melanie will talk at the end of the week and determine which grade level will take the "Golden Spatula" title. :)

* We will plan to have a campus assembly on Thursday at 1:30. At this assembly, we will discuss our school rules, common procedures, the cafeteria award, the positive referrals, and our campus call backs. I would like the campus callback to to be the mission. We will say "every child" they will replay "every day."

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Great Expecations

This year, we will be implementing our GE life principles during announcements, as well as having the opportunity for kids to respond using the white interactive papers in the hallway (formerly used for vocabulary).

Each life principle will be talked about during a 1 week period. You will be getting the schedule sent this week, and it will also be posted on the One Note staff portal. We will discuss on announcements, and students will have the opportunity to write (or draw) how they show this life principle. For example, the first one is self discipline. They can write on the paper how they show or can use self discipline. This will require thinking and application... so it brings in the higher levels. We will talk about the expectations of how this will be used on the announcements, so the students are familiar with what is acceptable.

Just as the vocabulary has been done in the past, the life principles will remain posted on the wall, so that the students can see them and refer back to them. The Elk of the Month will be chosen based on the life principles that have been discussed for the month. Each student chosen will not have to demonstrate ALL of the life principles, but one or more.

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Monday, August 21st:

12:00-12:15- 3rd Grade Eclipse Viewing

12:30-12:45- 4th Grade Eclipse Viewing

1:05-1:20- 5th Grade Eclipse Viewing

Thursday, August 24th:

Welcome Back Assembly (cafeteria): 1:30

Monday, August 28th:

3-5 Extended Block/PLC's begin

Tuesday, August 29th:

Kori off campus in AM

Thursday, August 31st:

Kori off campus at meeting

Curriculum Night: 6:00-7:30 (rotations 3 per grade level)

Friday, September 1st:

College Colors Day (Wear college shirts!)

Monday, September 4th:

No School- Labor Day

Thursday, September 7th:

Kori off campus at meeting

Friday, September 9th:

Granola w/Grandparents @ 7:10

Monday, September 11th:

Patriot's Day

K-2 Extended Blocks/PLC's begin

Thursday, September 14th:

Kori off campus at meeting

Friday, September 15th:

Compliance Bundles Due

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