Scientific Revolution

Tijuan B. 6th period

what was the change?

Scientific revolution generally accepted as beginning in the mid sixteenth century and extending until the late eighteenth century It was characterized by the emergence of new ideas and principles regarding humanity and the world around us Intellectually the Scientific Revolution ushered in a new way of thinking, including the establishment of the Scientific Method This method which is actually a three step process

How did the change impact society at the time?

The religious world, however was in turmoil The new focus on science led to discoveries that seemed to contradict the bible, which was held to that point to be the literal word of god There developed a great schism between followers of science and those who held to their religious beliefs During this time of turmoil several new religious sects gained prominence including Adventism and Scientology The Scientific Revolution was a time of trials for many religious Europeans and forever changed the way western society viewed the idea of an intelligent creator.

Who were the peoople associated with the change?

The major change in astronomy was that people accepted that the sun rather than the earth was the center of the universe. Until the sixteenth century, Europeans followed the cosmology theory of the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. He believed that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun, the moon, and the other planets revolved around the earth. This theory could by verified by human observation, but it failed to explain the path of the planets. The first challenge to Ptolemy's cosmology came from Nicolaus Copernicus

How is that change evidence in today modern society?

The effects of both the Scientific Revolution and the modern acceptance and dependence upon science can be felt today in our daily lives was the result of a combination of forces which produced intellectual change It was after all the world view of medieval man that the scientific revolutionaries made them relize