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May 27, 2016

Principal's Message

Thank you to the Carvalho Family for their generous donation at the PTO Gala! Their son, Zac Carvalho won "Prinicipal for the Day," and he requested to be able to write this week's Principal's Message:

"It was awesome! All of the kids gave me "high fives." So I gave stickers out at lunchtime to the kids. The whole staff was awesome. I monitored the staff, and Mr. Willis bought me Chinese food for lunch! He was so nice. He is the best Principal ever. It was the best day ever. Thank you Mom, Dad, the staff, and the MMPTO! -Zac Carvalho"

Have a great weekend!

-John (and Zac)


Upcoming Dates...


30 - Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL


1 - 12:00 PM Early Dismissal

9 - 1:00-2:30 Grade 5 Step Up Day visit to Middle School

14 -Field Day

15- 9:30 AM Grade 2 - Great Kapok Tree

15 - 6:00 PM - Crossing the Bridge Ceremony - Gr. 5 (MERMHS)

17- Grade 4 Field Trip to Harvard Museum

21 - Last day of school (based on 3 snow days): Noon dismissal

Notices From our Friends...

2016-2017 District Calendar

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MERSD 2016-2017 District Calendar!