Harry S. Truman

by: Jasir Best

Four accomplishments of Harry S. Truman

president truman who was the thirty-third president of the u.s.a. President woodrow is known for all the things he did before he became president, but Truman also did a lot before becoming president of the U.S.A. He was the captain in 1918 of WW1. that is a big thing for a president to be a captain for a war like that. In 1939 truman was elected vice president, But on April 12,1945 president Fdr died. In 1945 Harry s. truman became the thirty-third president of the United States Of America. In 1939 WW II had began.Harry tried to end the war asap and he met his goal. WWII lasted from 1939-1945. these are the accomplishments and life of Harry S. Truman, and this is why he studied to this today


the president has been shot (book)



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