January 1-Mariner Matters

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I appreciate all that you all do. Lets continue to uplift and support each other professionally and personally. Know that I appreciate all that you do and am committed to making Perry Harrison the best place it can be for all.


A reminder that students should be supervised at all times. Please do not leave students alone in the halls or the classroom. Thank you for the times I have gone outside and have seen most teachers in different spots on the playground. I will be calling attention to those of you that are not spread out on the playground. Feel free to call the office if you need coverage to use the bathroom and need us to watch your class. We would be happy to watch your class for a few minutes.

Mclass/AimsWeb/SMI Window Open

All of the assessments windows are open. Mclass starts when we return and will end on January 22nd. Please start on time as its easy to get pushed to finish at the end.

Staff Meeting moved

The staff meeting will be held on January 19th or 20th instead of January 5th. Those two days are required workdays.

PLC meetings cancelled

PLC meetings led by me will be cancelled this week. Please feel free to meet as a grade level this week.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans will be reviewed this week. Please check for comments during the week.

3rd Grade inhouse field trip

Science is fun will be here on Thursday in the Discovery Lab for an in-house field trip for third grade classes. They will be using the Discovery Lab all day long.

Hicks mornings

I will be working with Ms. O's class during language arts time at least two to three days a week from 8:00-9:30 until a teacher is hired for the classroom.

Bingo Night-January 12th

The PTA will sponsor a bingo night on January 12th beginning at 6:30pm.

Young Author-January 14th

Young Author's program will be held on January 14th in the Multipurpose room. Ms. Minor will send out a schedule soon for all grade levels.

End of 9 weeks-January 15th

The nine weeks will end on January 15th. Report cards are scheduled to go home on January 27th.

Creativity Hour-January 15th

Creativity hour will be held on January 15th for the entire school. Please talk as a grade level about what you have planned and what time. STEM committee members will need to let me know what time you are having creativity hour. Creativity hour can be expanded to the computer science/engineering arena if you choose. There are some free coding sites for teachers.

MLK Holiday -January 18th

School will be closed on January 18th for the Martin Luther King Holiday. There are two required workdays on January 19th and 20th.

January 19th and 20th

January 19th and 20th are required workdays. There will be some professional development provided by the school. More details will be provided later.