DC Government

Week of January 20-24, 2014


We did a mini PBL in class "Can We Believe This" to introduce my expectations for PBL. This gave the students a walk through of what I expect in a project and how I will conduct one. The students had a good time asking questions, and learning about reliability. This will serve them well as we launch our first project this week, "A Government for Xlandia". In this project, your students will work in group to build the ideal democracy for the fictional country of Xlandia after they have overthrown a dictatorship. Encourage your student to use their class time wisely.

We completed our first scholarly article discussing the origins of the Constitution. The students struggled with the reading, but it is an important article in the study of the origins of government. They were provided with a reading guide and questions that serve as a major grade.


We will spend a day in class working on the FAFSA. This will occur in the first week of February. Please provide your student with the necessary information they will need to fill this out. Many scholarships require students to fill this out - please know it does not obligate a student for loans. They will need your information from your income tax filings. All information will remain confidential and will not be shared outside of the FAFSA applications.


Please make sure you have ordered your child's and and gown. They will need two - one for the Global graduation in June, and for those getting their Associates Degree, they will need a cap and gown for the Navarro graduation as well. Mrs. Fryar or Mrs. Noonkester can give you more information.