Young Children Suffer At Work

March 17, 1912 By The Muckracker; Noah Blubaugh

Dangerous, Long, Unhealthy Conditions

There are a lot of children working long hours in crowded, mines with little protection. Most Children work up to 14 to 16 Hours a day. Children who work in mines almost always come in to contact with coal, which means sulfur. Sulfur causes their little hands to swell up and bleed painfully. Coal can even damage their lungs. When they mine coal and work with it in the factories, deadly coal dust is still lingering in the air. When children inhale the coal dust, the dust settles in their lungs causing deadly sicknesses. Even the machines that "help kids do their jobs" hurt children. The machines could chop off their finger or even an arm. The machines are so loud to kids,they can even lose their sense of hearing. Us as adults, must come together for the children and make a change!

Follow Up

The "Fair labor standards act was passed in 1918. This meant children under 14 couldn't work during school hours and you could began work at the age of 16