Laura Bush Middle School

November 27, 2022

Ipad updates

If you haven't done so already, please try to update student ipads to (16.1) before tomorrow morning. We would appreciate the assistance with this at home if at all possible.

Important Dates

November 28

School resumes

November 30

7th/8th Girls Basketball vs. LCMS (all at the High School)

December 1

7th Boys Basketball @ Terra Vista

8th Boys Basketball vs. Terra Vista

December 3

8th Boys and Girls Basketball Super Saturday

Boys A - Frenship MS

Boys B - Terra Vista

Girls A - Irons

Girls B - LCMS


Please assist us in making sure that students are in dress code at all times prior to arriving at school. As we move closer to the holiday's and time away from school, we want to make sure that consistency is upheld to avoid any unnecessary frustrations. Below are a few potential "hotspots" to be mindful of:

  • Hair color must be a naturally occurring color
  • Students are not permitted to wear pajamas to school
  • Students are not permitted to wear hats inside any campus buildings (campus-approved hat days, dress-up days, etc. are the exception to this rule)
  • Leggings, tights, yoga pants, or similar pants are permitted so long as they are accompanied with an approved top that is within the width of three fingers from the top of the knee.

njhs service project

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Semester Final Exemption Info

December will be here before we know it. Criteria to exempt semester finals and testing dates are listed below.
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8th Grade banquet groupme

If you're a parent of an 8th grade student and would like to be included on fundraising ideas and general information concerning the 8th grade banquet, please use the QR code below to join the GroupMe. Our PTO banquet sub committee will be communicating through this media.
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Best is the standard

We have several signs throughout the building that say "Best is the STANDARD." As discussed on the second day of school, this slogan is applicable to every aspect of life. Whether it's studying, competing, helping others, cleaning, behaving positively, or anything else, we want students to do their absolute BEST. If their mindset is "Best is the STANDARD," great things are going to happen!!

Reporting Absences

This school year, we will implement a new way for parents/guardians to submit absences. This process will allow absence requests to be submitted ahead of time in Skyward. Please click the button below to learn how.

****If you are only checking your child out for a short period of time, such as a doctor's appointment, please unselect the check mark where "all day" is indicated. This will allow you to enter a specific time frame.****

Reporting Absences

Click here to learn how to report absences ahead of time in Skyward.

businesses to the east of lbms

Some of the businesses directly east of LBMS have asked for help with a few things:

1. Please don't use their lots as a place for student pick-up or drop-off.

2. If your student isn't going to be a paying customer, they do not need to be there for the sake of hanging out or waiting for a ride.

Let's do our part as a Pirate community to help these businesses out.

Mrs. Bairds - Teacher On The Rise

Mrs Baird's Bread and United Supermarkets have announced the return of the Teachers On The Rise program for the 2022-23 school year.

This student/family nominated program honors three local teachers every month. Teachers have such a tremendous impact on students every day, and these are the stories Mrs. Baird's wants to hear about! Nominate your favorite teacher at!

No Outside Delivery for Student Lunches

Parents/Guardians may bring a lunch for their students. Lunches can be dropped off in the front office and students will be allowed to pick-up their food when they are dismissed for lunch.

**Due to security concerns, no outside entity (DoorDash, Uber Eats, Favor, Pizza delivery, Chick-Fil-A, etc.) will be allowed to drop off lunches for students.

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Kyle Hendrix

Assistant Principals

Lance Lewis

Morgan Martin

Randa Wrenn


Martha Zielinski

Karla Venable