The Internet of Energy


The internet of energy will become obvious soon.

Photovoltaic based systems are getting cheaper and cheaper, more flexible more stylish and more lifestyle (don’t think on the PV parks please). We talk about lovely beautiful - or nearly invisible - panels. PV everywhere. High cycles batteries are there and will have the same impact. More power for same price. The kWh hour produced with that system will quit the currency based business sector if we start to organize a few things.

The internet has an extrem expansion regarding social networks and crowdfunding platform are available.

The internet of things is getting more and more real. New, wonderful and small interfaces are great. The watches are the first windows to see now, more to come. The washing machine and few other things do either talking with the internet already.

Phase ONE - first was the PLUG.

at the beginning we realized that the biggest impact on our activities will be by motivating people to follow our ideas. By using a known interface - the standard plug.

In 2012 by presenting Sun Inventions PLUG&SAVE series. The worlds first AC panel including a lithium storage inside.

the way to make the energy DIGITAL.

The first interfaces which allows customer produce, store and manage home produced energy. Easy and liable. Plug-in and save! To reduce the permanent consumption level in your house. high-end DIY solar.

1000 watts solar panels - 1600 Wh long life storage - up to 400 watt AC output

Phase - THREE

Sommer 2015 - the moment when everything will change. up to 2000 Watts input power - storage with huge 3200 Wh long life lithium storage. WiFi, GSM, GPS. Plug-in and this new items will start to manage all your electric appliance at home. The ultimate power flow starts to reach maximum self consumption level. Plug-in and save is our passion.


these words are important now and describe the future of energy (and all of us)

DIGITAL: smart interfaces - the INTERNET OF THINGS

DECENTRALIZED: power everywhere & virtual swarm power

BIDIRECTIONAL: high-end DIY solar and electric cars - two direction power flow

The way to go - the function of a GRID in our near future

Open your mind and imagine YOU in the middle of the energy flow. People start to measure themselves - we are ready to explain the complete story. You can follow if you turn around the complete energy story and see yourself in the middle of the new one.

You life in a house, enough space for max. energy collection and storage. Your next houses left and right plus up and down in apartments, we can detect the next small storage grid point which is already connected. We are talking about DIGITAL power now. Much space to collect and store enough of this new power. Now we know exact where, how much is available - we build virtual micro grids. No big deal so far, we can do so.

So we came to think about street size level when you combine few of these micro grids. Somewhere between a small battery house station to manage and handle this level of energy. Next level few streets build a quarter, nothing new - on countryside powered by some windmills where possible - and so on. There is no limitation to use renewables wherever available and connect.

The BIDIRECTIONAL aspect is the killer if you bring it into high-end DIY level and mix it with the digital factor. We scaled some simulations up to village or small central Europe size to get some raw financing figures and found out that most of the money is already placed at local banks. So easy to build local people funds or use local power companies to refinance the transfer. There are arguments enough to let a power company let follow this system. If they don’t like. It won’t matter in future.

what is your benefit - how will you participate?

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