Pulse of the Pirates

January Newsletter for Plainview Elementary School

Important Dates

  • January 6th - 1:00 Dismissal - Professional Development

  • January 12th - Blood Drive @ PHS

  • January 18th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • January 20th - 1:00 Dismissal - Professional Development

  • January 27th - SAT Day

Two Schools - One Book

We have been lucky enough to have a VERY generous donor sponsor the elementary school yet again. Michael Foods and Plainview Pullet have purchased enough books for EVERY family from Plainview Elementary and Zion Lutheran School to KEEP!!

We will begin our SECOND year of Two Schools - One Book on Monday, January 11th. We will all have a schedule and read the book together!! Each morning, when students come to school, they will have a chance to answer a question from the previous night's reading. All students with the correct answer will have the opportunity to be drawn for a class prize! Class prizes will be given daily!! Participation prizes will be given weekly!! Let’s get to reading!!!

Please be on the lookout for the book AND reading schedule to come home with your child on Monday, January 11th!! Family reading will begin that night!

Also, if you’re out & about and see Mitch Todd (or anyone else) from Michael Foods or Plainview Pullet, please tell them THANK YOU for this amazing opportunity! The book your family receives (and reads) is yours to keep! They are working with us to help build a love for reading in our community one book at a time!

From the School Nurse

Parents of next year’s 7th graders (this year’s sixth graders) are reminded that Nebraska School Immunization Rules and Regulations require that these students have the following immunizations by August 2021

  • 3 doses of DTP, DTaP, DT or Td vaccine, one dose given on or after the 4th birthday and 1 dose Tdap before entering 7th grade

  • 3 doses of polio vaccine

  • 2 doses of MMR vaccine, given on or after 12 months of age and separated by at least one month

  • 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine (this series takes at least 4 months to complete)

  • 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine given on or after 12 months of age and prior to 13 years of age.

  • If over 13 years of age, 2 doses of varicella, separated by at least one month.

Written documentation (including year) of varicella disease from parent, guardian, or health care provider will be accepted. Students are exempt for religious or medical reasons only.

Please check with your family physician regarding your child’s immunization needs. You are required by state law to provide complete immunization records when your child begins seventh grade in August 2021. It is the responsibility of the parent to see that his/her child has completed all immunizations required for seventh grade. Please contact me if your child receives any immunizations so that I can update his/her records. If you have any questions, please leave a message for me at school.

Beth Ramold, School Nurse

Scholastic Book Orders for January!

During the COVID crisis, you can choose where to have your books shipped: to your home or delivered to me with our school order. With a $25 order, you will get FREE shipping and a FREE Book (use code: READS).

All orders also earn FREE Books for our school. Thank you for your support!

School Order Due Date: 01/29/21

Connect and Shop Our School Page: https://orders.scholastic.com/W7CY9

Shop the flyers with your child: https://scholastic-clubs.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=684676

Please feel free to forward our link to extended family and friends who may want to support your child’s reading.


School Code: W7CY9

Intervention & Extension Time

In December, students took the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) Growth Assessment. As a school we are starting an intervention and extension time using IXL. IXL is an online program that is skills based program for math, reading, science, and language arts.

Each class will spend 10-15 minutes at least three times a week on IXL with teachers available to help students as needed. We will focus on tested subjects during the intervention/entension times. This week we began with math, and will focus on math for three weeks. We will then move on to reading for three weeks.

Students each have an individualized work plan based on their personal results from their MAP Growth Assessment. Their results determine which skills they should be working on during our intervention/extension time. Some of the skills on the list are skills they have been introduced to in the classroom, some are skills that may be brand new to them. If your child wants to work on IXL at home, I would highly encourage the additional time - with the understanding that some skills WILL be new for them. If they are frustrated, please STOP working on that skill and save it for the intervention time when their teacher is present to help them!!

As a school we have already answered 181,925 questions on IXL this year! I can't wait to watch that number increase as our intervention/extension time increases this semester!!

Before School Activities

Breakfast and Walking Club both start at 7:30.

We have several students coming to school before 7:30. Please do not send your children to school prior to 7:30.

If students are coming for additional help from a teacher, please know that teachers are not on duty in their classrooms until 7:45, and doors do not open until 7:50 for students to go to classrooms.

**If there is a late start for the day there is no walking club or breakfast. Doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the school day on any late start day.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - Oh, My!!!

Are you on social media? Did you know that we are too? Please follow the school on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook! Here are some of our “handles” that you are welcome to follow and interact with on Social Media:

School Accounts:

Twitter: @phspiratepride

Instagram: plainviewpublicschools

Facebook: plainviewpublicschools

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