Online Netiquette

By: Noah Benintende

These are somethings you should not do on the internet.

  • Do not right in all caps on any social media app or site because it seems like your shouting.
  • When I type a long paragraph to you, don't respond with K (ok).
  • Do not right long paragraph, people don't want to sit there an hour reading.
  • When your writing its not that hard to put you, your, what, got to go, and later.


  • Nobody want to see 1 million selfies.
  • Nobody wants to see excessive photos of your dog or cat.
  • Nobody cares what your doing every moment of the day, go on Twitter.
  • Talk English.
  • Wrongs way: hey guyz i cnt go 2 da moviez bcoz my mama wnt let me go
  • Right way: Hey guys, I cant go to the movies because my mom wont let me go.

Dos and Don'ts when using social networks


  • Use a subject, its way easier to sort through when someone has a lot of emails.
  • Make sure you leave your name because, some people might not know who is
  • Also use correct punctuation.