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Publishing your work made simple

Your students work very hard to create a great selection of short stories or poems.

You have that one student who spends their evenings writing their own novel.

Over the school years, you have collected all the witty things students have said and you would like to keep them for years to come.

You are an aspiring author who is just bursting at the seams to get your story out to the world.
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CreateSpace is an easy to use website that allows you to publish your own book for free.

Create an account and you are on your way.

You can create books, audio CDs, DVDs, and more.

The step-by-step directions make it easy for you to publish your work.

Your finished copy will include an ISBN number, professional looking cover and even a Kindle edition.

Once you have entered all of your document into CreateSpace, they set you up with an account and you can begin earning royalties when people download or purchase your book.

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What an easy way to self-publish your students work or even your own best-selling novel.

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